FOX11 OTA freezing on Dish

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Anyone else experiencing freezing when turning to Fox 11? All other locals (OTA) are working fine, but when turning to FOX it goes black and the receiver (through Dish)eventually resets itself. Any suggestions?

Posted February 28, 2008 9:13pm in
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Haha, I thought it was just

Haha, I thought it was just my TV. OTA HD was going crazy today (Thursday) around 4pm. The channel kept flickering on and off, as if I was changing the channels. At one point my TV switched to a random 52-1 channel, than back to 11. I had to manually turn off my tv to get it to stop.

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Hello! I don't have a dish.


I don't have a dish. I am viewing HD through a regular antenna. Channel 11.1 is causing my TV to go on the fritz. It will freeze up the TV and then power the TV off and back on. Also if I don't unplug and turn the TV back on it will cause the TV to have an extremely long delay between changing channels. Please let me know if you find anything else out about the issue with Fox 11 HD.


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As of 10:33 PM, I'm seeing

As of 10:33 PM, I'm seeing no FOX 11 over the air by antenna (through my Windows Media Center). I had been watching Seinfeld with no hiccups whatsoever.

EDIT: Actually, it crashed my Media Center session. I had to reboot it. Weird. Never done that before.

EDIT 2: After rebooting, FOX 11 DT OTA still keeps cutting out horribly. More than I've seen in a while.

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Wow, this is really crazy. I

Wow, this is really crazy. I made the second post as well, but I agree with the above two comments as well. It's as if the channel was controlling my tv. I even looked around the room thinking something was sitting on one of my remotes and was causing my TV to go Linda Blair on me.

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Although this situation is

Although this situation is weird and frustrating, I am glad there are others experiencing this. I emailed FOX, has anyone else done the same?

One addtional note was when it froze, it would make a couple audio noises, but then freeze and I couldn't change channels...ultimately the receiver would restart.

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Same problem here. It just

Same problem here. It just keeps flipping from 11-01 to 51-03 I thought they were trying to add some sub channels or something? Anyway I guess I can stop adjusting my antenna now that I know the problem is not just me.

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I had the same thing with

I had the same thing with the 11-1 to 51-3 flipping. Hopefully it will get resolved soon since over the air is the only FOX HD option with cable.

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Whatever it was it looks

Whatever it was it looks like they fixed it. It's working good now.

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Is there any channel that

Is there any channel that does not freeze on dish or direct TV? I had dish for a year and then I tried direct TV, ended up so dissatisfied with direct TV that I paid the $240 to get out of the contract. Every time the wind blew the picture locked up, when it rained and I wanted to turn the tv on to check my local stations for a weather report, guess what? No TV. When it snowed, nothing like going out in the cold to shovel my dish out so I would enjoy a warm cozy night at home watching the tube. Not to mention in a heavy snowstorm, I made several trips out to clean out that dish.
Nope, for me after trying both of the competitors, I found out that Cable TV is the only way to go. As for the digital lock up on channel 11, no, I haven't noticed it with my cable service!

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Anonymous, That is because


That is because you don't have digital WLUK, you have the analog feed. WLUK had issues with their HD feed for a few days. Since they do not allow rebroadcast of their HD signal, this only happened with OTA signals captured by antenna reception.


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I dont have dish put i do

I dont have dish put i do have cable and an OTA and today during the race it when bonkers and one time it told me that the digtal channel is encrypetd and than low signal
I think that Nascar and MLB and NFL should step up and get there local fox channel that carry there stuff to work right

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How long was the Fox 11

How long was the Fox 11 outage on Sunday? I attempted to record the race, got halfway through it around lap 145 or so and then the recording jumped ahead 2 hours and locked my HR20 receiver from DirecTV. Was it a quick outage or was most of the race missed?

Nothing I can do about it now, I was just curious.

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I dont know i Just went to

I dont know i Just went to 4by3 size and watched it that sucks why dont they get it right and now dish

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I was able to catch the

I was able to catch the rebroadcast of the race on HDNet Thursday night so I got the end of it at least. Better late than never I guess.

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I also lost WLUK DT last

I also lost WLUK DT last week and have not been able to get it back. It had been coming in fine on my media center PC then POOF! Gone! Ive tried adding it as 11.1 and 51 to no avail. Any idea whats causing this? I still dont have it back as of 3/21/08


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See Mark's article on the

See Mark's article on the home page regarding media center PC's and FCC channel data.

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Last night (Monday March 24)

Last night (Monday March 24) My HDTV (32" Olevia) tuner became stuck on WLUK ch 11.1, and would not change to another channel or input. As I have owned this set since November and use it with my homebrew DVR I had experienced this behavior once before when I fed the Olevia a VGA signal with to high of a scan rate. My tv had an error message "illegal value" or "signal out of range" and I lost the ability to switch inputs. Because last night's error seemed similar to my previous problem, and all the simple fixes such as remote batteries, off/on or unplug of the set overnight didn't help, I used the Olevia menu this morning to reset the tv to factory defaults and re-tuned the channels. I then disabled digital ch 11.1 and enabled analog ch 11. The set worked OK UNTIL I manually tuned 11.1 and problem came back. I also noticed a red box popped up when I was re-tuning the channels, (never saw it before) but it disappeared before I could read it. Anyway the work around for me is to watch analog 11 not digital 11.1 - as of 12:15pm Tuesday digital 11.1 has no signal and analog 11 is there.

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My 37" Vizio got stuck on

My 37" Vizio got stuck on channel 11.1 last night when watching House. I had to turn off the TV and turn it back on to get it to change channels. Perhaps the WLUK gremlins are out playing in the warm weather.



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