Which antenna placement is better?

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Question for the antenna experts out there... which scenario is better?

I have an existing RCA 65-mile range (big!) antenna in my attic. Twice I've tried orienting it correctly, but I'm still getting decidedly mixed results. I'm in Green Bay, about 13 miles north-northeast of the towers, in an established neighborhood with VERY tall trees. The neighborhood also slopes very slightly, and the direction I need to point in is toward the higher point of the road.

I really don't want to put the antenna on my roof, so my two options are these:

1) Keep the antenna in the attic. I have a ranch-style 40+ year old house with a very shallow attic (probably about 4-5 feet high at the peak. If I'm reading antennaweb and my compass right, I have to shoot into my roof trusses sideways to be properly aimed at the towers. Beyond the roof, there are tall trees outside at varying distances from he house. If I use one end of the attic, I have a very big maple about 12 feet from the house... on the other end, maybe 15 feet from a big evergreen tree. I have a brand new quad shield RG6 coax run straight down to the basement from the attic into my cable lines in the house.

2) Mount the antenna to an existing satellite dish pole in the back of the yard. When we bought the house, there was an old Dish Network dish with it's sensors removed on a pole in the back of our yard, probably 25-30 feet from the house. It has a dual coax line (combined in one cable with a smaller separate wire - for ground or power?) going under my yard into the house. I would have to bridge the outdoor wire with my indoor cabling with a 20 foot run of coax, since my outlet splits run to the rest of the house from a service room in the center of the basement. The direction of the antenna would be pointing straight into the back of my next door neighbors house, but the antenna would be a good 30 feet back, at least. Their house is higher than mine, and the pole is about 6-7 feet tall.

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Outdoors is always better.

Outdoors is always better. When in the attic, the roof cuts the signal level in half and introduces phasing problems. If the antenna is outdoors, even with another house closeby, it can still receive much more signal strength than inside the attic. Good luck with the project.

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I agree that outdoors is

I agree that outdoors is always better than indoors or in the attic. A lot of things within the house can cause interference and reflections, such as electrical wiring, duct work, aluminum siding and soffit, etc. The ONE thing that will help the most is increased height, as well as being outside in the clear. A 10 foot tripod on the roof, or a 20 foot tower or pole next to the house would work wonders with the reception. I'm surprised you have that much trouble being that close to the Scray's Hill antenna farms.

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I live in Kimberly (about 2

I live in Kimberly (about 2 blocks from Kimberly-Little Chute bridge). Have tried several indoor antennas. (tried a flat-RCA antenna works OK to get FOX and all others in my daughters' NE facing room) Have a Phillips amplified antenna that gets all channels on my sons small HDTV, but doesn't get FOX when going to my ChannelMaster set top boxes for my 3 other analog TVs.

Even bought an Antennas Direct Clearstream 2. Couldn't get FOX. Since the Clearstream 2 is an indoor/outdoor antenna am I at the mercy of putting this thing outside? I do have an old antenna mount on my roof. I don't wish to drill anymore holes in my roof. I have several larger trees through my line of sight toward the towers.
If I get the Clearstream2 outside do I have to get an amplifier of some sort to branch it to all my TVs? Also, can I go through an existing roof vent with the antenna cable?
Had to cut cable due to an income cutback in our family, so I'm trying to make do with what I have.

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digitaldean - I just hooked

digitaldean - I just hooked my outdoor antenna to the existing cable junction box that is mounted outside the box. I unscrewed the Time Warner Cable and hooked my cable to the cable wire going into the house. That way it splits and goes to all the TV's in the house. Hope this helps.


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