Are AT&T's big utility boxes magnets for vandalism?

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Just a general question for everyone out there...

Do you think all the big utility cabinets that AT&T is placing in our area are magnets for vandalism?

I've seen boxes that get stickers stuck on them before but didn't think too much of it. Lately in Green Bay, there's a big box near my girlfriend's apartment that always seems to be hanging wide open. I'm not sure if it got broken into or fell open or what. I would assume it got broken into because sometimes the back will be wide open and sometimes the front will be. This past weekend driving around the Ashwaubenon area, I saw at least three AT&T utility installations hanging open.

I'm sure it's not unique to AT&T. There's probably been little Time Warner plants that have been popped open here and there. I've just noticed a lot of that going on in the Green Bay area lately.

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I suppose they could be but

I suppose they could be but what isn't prone to vandalism now a days.

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True, but if I was a U-Verse

True, but if I was a U-Verse customer, I'd be very concerned about a box being wide open in my neighborhood. Sure, I don't know who would steal out of it, but there's gotta be a couple hundred grand worth of stuff in there that someone thinks is valuable to someone else. If that tripped up my TV service, I'd be pissed!

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I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a high likelihood that someone would steal parts from the utility boxes but I think there would be better odds that someone would attempt to steal services from it. If you see those boxes open you could just go shut them. They will lock by themselves when you push on the lock/snap or you could give that company a call and let them know. If it is a power company box I would not touch it.


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