AT&T lauds anniversary of Video Act, new jobs, benefits to consumers

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Just got this press release from AT&T, celebrating the anniversary of the Video Competition Act.  It talks about the jobs created by the passage of the act, and the benefits it has brought to consumers.  Do you agree that the Act (and/or AT&T's entrance into the market) has benefitted consumers?


Video Reform Legislation Leads to Wisconsin Jobs and New Video Choices For Consumers

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, Jan. 8, 2009 — AT&T Wisconsin announced that hundreds of Wisconsin residents are now employed in jobs related to AT&T U-verseSM TV and that the service is available to more than 500,000 living  units in the state, thanks to the enactment one year ago tomorrow of the Wisconsin Video Competition Act.

Since the Video Competition Act went into effect, AT&T Wisconsin expanded its deployment of U-verse services beyond the greater Milwaukee area, bringing real video choice for the first time to many more consumers within the greater Green Bay, Appleton, Madison, Janesville and Beloit areas. AT&T U-verse services are now available in parts of about 125 communities in Wisconsin.

“By passing the video bill and giving Wisconsin consumers real video alternatives, the Legislature and governor have created an environment that is making jobs for AT&T Wisconsin workers a reality,” said AT&T Wisconsin President Scott T. VanderSanden. “Wisconsin consumers and workers are much better off today because the state has welcomed choice and competition in the video market.”

The jobs related to AT&T U-verse include installation technicians, technical support workers, and call center staff. Most of the company employees are members of the Communications Workers of America labor union.

In the past year, AT&T U-verse TV has redefined the television experience for Wisconsin consumers by using a 100-percent digital, Internet Protocol (IP) platform that enables new, innovative features and provides a desired
alternative to cable services. “Thanks to the vision of Gov. Jim Doyle, Sen. Jeff Plale and Rep. Phil Montgomery, Wisconsin residents now have a choice when it comes to their TV provider,” VanderSanden said. “The video bill is bringing real choices and value to consumers, needed jobs to workers and beneficial infrastructure investment and fiber network upgrades to the state.”

The Video Competition Act updated Wisconsin’s video franchising system by establishing statewide uniform standards that streamlined the approval process and encouraged competition and new investment. The bill passed by large bipartisan majorities in the Legislature and was signed by Gov. Doyle. The law became effective Jan. 9, 2008. “More Wisconsin consumers are seeing that AT&T U-verse TV brings them a
complete entertainment experience,” VanderSanden said. “U-verse TV offers better choice, a huge HD lineup, popular programming and unmatched features like Total Home DVR.”

The rapid expansion of AT&T U-verse in Wisconsin mirrors the growth of U-verse services nationwide. AT&T U-verse now serves more than 1 million customers nationally. AT&T U-verse TV is the only 100 percent Internet Protocol-based television (IPTV) service available from a national service provider, making AT&T U-verse TV one of the most advanced television offerings available anywhere. U-verse TV offers capabilities that customers don’t get from other local providers, such as Total Home DVR, unmatched interactive features and access to more than 85 High Definition (HD) channels. Since introducing U-verse services, AT&T Wisconsin has launched several
new features that take advantage of its 100 percent IP-based platform. The interactive features — available to customers at no extra charge — that were added in the past year and further differentiate U-verse TV from cable  include:

•    AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR, which gives you the freedom to watch recorded Standard Definition (SD) and HD programs from a single DVR on any connected TV in the home. •    AT&T Online Photos from Flickr, which lets you simply and conveniently browse the photos you've uploaded to and watch slide shows on your U-verse TV screen from the comfort of your couch. •    AT&T U-bar, which brings customizable weather, stock, sports and traffic information to the U-verse TV screen, without interrupting the current program. AT&T High Speed Internet subscribers can personalize the U-bar from the AT& portal to display weather at specific locations, your personal stock portfolio and scores for your favorite sports teams.

•    Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, which allows you to track the progress of your fantasy football team — including current team matchups and league standings — directly from your TV screen through the AT&T U-bar.

•    YELLOWPAGES.COM TV, for fast and easy searches to find local businesses and other information via your TV screen.

•    AT&T Yahoo! Games, so you can now play your favorite online games — including Sudoku, Solitaire, JT’s Blocks, Mah-jongg Tiles and Chess — on the TV screen.

In 2008, AT&T Wisconsin introduced AT&T U-verse Voice, a next-generation digital voice service delivered over the AT&T U-verse IP network. U-verse Voice completes the company’s IP triple play and brings together your home phone, wireless, broadband and TV services — all on one bill — with unique features that provide a new level of integration, convenience and control. Customers who want additional information on AT&T U-verse TV — or to
find out whether it’s available in their area — can call 800-ATT-2020, visit or stop by the nearest company retail location.

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