Is AT&T's DVR expandable yet?

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Considering AT&T U-Verse for a new home we're buying. (The website shows we're not eligible, but all the adjacent neighborhoods are, so I'm guessing either it's wrong or it's God's way of telling me to stay with TWC for life)

Loving the Total Home DVR concept and the updates to it that make scheduling available on all receivers, but limiting it to one DVR per home seem limiting. Last I checked a while ago, the DVR was not expandable by external hard drive as other providers' hardware is.

Has this changed, or is it still not possible to expand the space on that puppy?

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As far as I know, the DVR

As far as I know, the DVR still does not have an expansion capability. I think they came out with a new version of the DVR that has a larger hard drive, but I think that's as far as they got.

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I had the same problem in

I had the same problem in terms of my address saying I can not get uverse but all my neighbors could. I called att and they put in a request to see if there was a system error and sure enough i was and 2 weeks later I had uverse. Hope that helps.

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Just FYI I install u-verse

Just FYI I install u-verse in TN and found this blog and it's pretty kewl... As of 08/09/09 We have two DVRs we can install. The older model is a 150Gb model and the newest is a 300Gb. As of now there is no "offical" way to expand the HDD but 300Gb is better than the first option. Hope this info helps :)

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Thanks for the info! I think

Thanks for the info!

I think the big thing that's keeping me from U-Verse is the fact that the one DVR you can have in the house is not expandable. I love the fact that I can buy an off-the-shelf eSATA 1-Terrabyte hard drive, connect it to my Time Warner DVR and greatly expand my storage for recorded shows.

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I have HD shows/movies

I have HD shows/movies scheduled to record on U-Verse every single day and I've never even come close to getting to 50% capacity. Of course, I delete the shows when I'm done with them.

Until they bump the 2 HD streams cap I don't think I could fill the DVR even if I tried.

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I can confirm the larger

I can confirm the larger hard drive. When I moved and got new receivers, I got the larger capacity one. I have yet to get it over 25 percent fulll.

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I have Directv and have 4 HD

I have Directv and have 4 HD DVR's 3 have either 750gb or 1Tb attached. I have filled all of these during the fall season. Not being able to add storage or being able to record more than 2 HD shows at once kills Uverse for me. They need to drop this one DVR per home stuff. If they did they would probl get many more people to jump ship and go with them.

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Unfortunately, I don't think

Unfortunately, I don't think it's a matter of limiting the number of DVRs as it is AT&T is limited as to how much physical data they can push into your home overall. If you're limited to pumping 4 channels at a given time through the pipe into your home, multiple DVRs isn't really much of an issue. I think they're in the right direction with the DVR recording sharing throughout the home, but not being able to expand the capacity of the DVR is a deal-breaker with me (as is their per-receiver lease fee, but that's a whole other discussion).


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