I have an orange AT&T flag in my front yard.

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I live on county N in Kimberly and I noticed the other day that I have an orange AT&T fiber flag in my front yard. Does this mean that U-verse will be coming to Kimberly in the new couple of months. Man I hope so.

Posted January 24, 2011 10:49am in
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Having a fiber line running

Having a fiber line running past your house in your front yard doesn't necessarily mean it is for Uverse. Fiber optic lines can be used for any part of the phone system.

The only way to get a general idea if you may someday get Uverse is to find a VRAD in your neighborhood.

VRAD Picture

VRAD Picture

Ideally it should be within 1000' of your home or no more that 3000'. Keep in mind that this is no guarantee that you will get Uverse. There are places where your neighbor across the street or behind your home can get Uverse but you can't.

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I have seen VRAD box's in

I have seen VRAD box's in Darboy and the west side of Kimberly. On county N the phone line comes in from the back yard. May be the flags will be for VRAD box's coming. I will have to wait and see what comes of it.


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