Still no U-Verse in Kimberly

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Has anyone seem or heard any news on U-Verse coming to Kimberly. I was told when they came online in Appleton, that the surrounding cities would be in the next year. I believe its just about 2 years now. I have Dish and want to change over. Whys it so heard for AT&T to release some updates on how there rolling out the new cities.

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Based on the economy right

Based on the economy right now I am guessing you are not going to see very much if any expansion with Uverse right now. The primary reason AT&T doesn't disclose information on where they are planning on providing Uverse service is "competition" reasons. The only way to get a general idea if you may someday get Uverse is to find a VRAD in your neighborhood.

VRAD Picture
VRAD Picture

Ideally it should be within 1000' of your home or no more that 3000'. Keep in mind that this is no guarantee that you will get Uverse. There are places where your neighbor across the street or behind your home can get Uverse but you can't.

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If you haven't gotten U-Verse

If you haven't gotten U-Verse by now, don't bet on it in the future. AT&T is really slowing down their U-Verse expansion plans drastically.

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If that's true that U-Verse

If that's true that U-Verse is scaling back there release locations its a real shame. I think they have a nice product to offer. I've been with dish network for about 6yrs now, I'm getting tired of the same old things that Dish does. I've been with Direct and Time Warner and don't care to go back. I will just hope that one day U-verse gets going and puts a pinch on Time Warner in this area. Thanks for the info.

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I got some news on U verse in

I got some news on U verse in Kimberly.I spoke to an installer last week that I run into once and awhile. I asked him again any news on Kimberly, he had said that he got orders to get going on little Chute in March and then move onto Kimberly. So if that comes true than I would guess we can expect to see U verse by summer time. That would be real cool. Dish network is getting very old.

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I have AT&T orange flags in

I have AT&T orange flags in my front yard. The flag says AT&T Fiber. I live on county N. Would this be the first sign that U-Verse is coming to Kimberly soon. I hope its by the spring time.


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