U-Verse blacking out AMC, IFC, Fuse, WE in our area?

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Green Bay

I've gotta tell you, the closer I get to having U-Verse installed, the more I'm getting cold feet. I had gotten used to the fact that the Northeast Wisconsin channel guide didn't have IFC listed, and I made my formal request for it hoping it would be added in future.

Then I get a new catalog for U-Verse in the mail today. (Actually, I've gotten U-Verse mail either specifically for me or for "current resident" about every other day now... think of the trees!!)  It has a more "general" channel listing there and I find IFC listed there with an asterisk saying it's not available in all areas.  Do a little research and I realize... they don't have AMC either, and just when I'm trying to get into Mad Men.  Peruse various forums, including AT&T's, and I find that it is available in some markets and not others due to contractual issues with Rainbow Media/Cablevision, which owns both networks, as well as Fuse and WE.

IFC isn't something I have now, but if I stuck with Time Warner, it's one I'd opt to get now that they're showing a series from England I really want to see (The IT Crowd).  I really like AMC too, and I'm not really liking the fact that both those channels are blacked out in Wisconsin.

Anyone else notice this, or other channels that aren't carried?

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I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about getting cold feet. My install is Saturday and the more I read reviews online the more worried I get about the HD quality. Fuse is one of the channels I was looking forward to. I thought we got that one but when I went back to look at the online channel listing for our area I think I saw Fuel and read it as Fuse...oops. I am keeping Time Warner around for the first month I have U-verse so I can try and compare the two as well as if I decide to give up on U-verse I will not have to wait to get TWC again.

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Are you going to be able to

Are you going to be able to do that? I would only see this working if they wire you so as not to utilize any of the coax in your house (ie. with Cat5 ethernet cable)

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I should be able to do that,

I should be able to do that, I think at least. I have 2 coax feeds very close to each other so I should be able to leave the one coax feed hooked up from TWC and leave the rest change over for U-verse. I also will need to make sure they leave the TWC cable modem box hooked up as well because that is how I get my phone for now.

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"The IT Crowd" is available

"The IT Crowd" is available on DVD in the UK. Has not been released on DVD here in the US though and it's region encoded, so you'd need a region free DVD player*.

I ordered the "Spaced" DVD set from Amazon's UK site several years ago ("Spaced" finally came out on DVD here in the US earlier this year) and it played fine in my oldest DVD player but would not play in any of my newer ones. DVD order through Amazon UK arrived surprisingly fast (in about a week). Price plus shipping was not much more than ordering a simlar DVD set and having it shipped here within the US.

* Your other option if you get it and it won't play would be to copy the DVD without and rip the region restriction from the copy.

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I love the IT Crowd. I

I love the IT Crowd. I watch it on my Apple TV. I just bought a season pass.

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Oh my God! Thank you so

Oh my God! Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I had no idea it was on iTunes! Thank you so much...

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They do have AMC they just

They do have AMC they just don't have it in HD yet !

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No AMC in my area. Not very

No AMC in my area. Not very happy about it. I love Breaking Bad and will have to find another means to watch it when season 3 starts next week. This is ridiculous.

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Just had Uverse installed

Just had Uverse installed today. Am SO disappointed that AMC is not in their channel listings. Never would have thought it would be unavailable.

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AMC is available in

AMC is available in Wisconsin. Don't know if you're from Alabama or somewhere else? No problems here.

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Yes. I live in Alabama and do

Yes. I live in Alabama and do not have access to any of the channels listed above. When we signed with Uverse we noticed several channels we enjoyed on our previous carrier (Charter) were not included, and after questioning the sales rep, he said he would check and get back to us. He did a few days later, stating that a senior manager promised they would be "coming soon". Well, that was 18 months ago. I feel as if we were sold magic beans by AT&T. We have constantly complained to no avail. We are seriously considering going back to Charter, even though we didn't have much luck with their customers service and frequent outages. At least they're honest! We were lied to by AT&T to get us to sign. If they do not resolve their conflict with AMC, etc, they will lose thousands of customers, but I have a feeling they could not care less. Corporate greed.


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