U-Verse customers: Do you see AMC, Fuse, IFC and WE?

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Green Bay

A posting in the UVerseUsers forums says Milwaukee just got the blacked-out AMC, Fuse, IFC and WE channels now. Anyone here seeing them?

AMC is supposedly on the U100 tier and the rest are on the U200 tier.

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I have them here. AMC is on

I have them here. AMC is on 795. IFC is on 797. FUSE is on 535. WE is on channel 372. I have the U-200 package. No HD Versions, but you have to start somewhere.

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OK I officially want U-Verse

OK I officially want U-Verse now.

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I can confirm this as well.

I can confirm this as well. We received an e-mail about them coming, but with no ETA. I turned browsed through my guide and they are there.

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Cool... looks like you can

Cool... looks like you can remove those missing channels from the "Cons" section on the U-verse page.

I just signed up for U-verse on Sunday night (closest install date that I could get was Dec 29), but this info is great news. I'm really looking forward to getting U-verse now!

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