In the Works for NE Wisc for AT&T U-Verse

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Green Bay

AT&T U-verse digital TV should have limited availability in NE Wisc cities

after the Madison Cable Bill is signed by the Governor AND after the

Oshkosh U-verse head end is built up to feed their Fiber System. I have

noted many AT&T vans both upgrading copper wires and working on VRAD

neighbor hood boxes. I'm anticipating that the Oshkosh head end will feed

both the Appleton & Green Bay areas by July 2008. I heard the Milwaukee

head end feeds the Sheboygan area. Question is, will Oshkosh or the

Milwaukee head end feed Fond du Lac?

And on a closing note, I've heard from FOX11-HD people, that FOX11-HD

will be a Channel offering on U-verse TV.

Posted December 2, 2007 7:02pm in
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When will Fond du Lac be

When will Fond du Lac be ready? I've heard by the end of December.

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Newer U-verse update info

Newer U-verse update info indicates a ruff November 2008 time frame

for consumer reception in the Appleton-Green Bay areas. The same could

be true for Fond du Lac IF it's U-verse Digital TV signal comes from the

brand new Oshkosh head end. The more time it takes AT&T to install hardware,

the better chance the pending U-verse NE WI subscribers will have to both greater

bandwidth (1 vs 2 HD channels at a time) and more on screen TV features.

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Question for anyone from

Question for anyone from AT&T - Are they going to be needing any assistance getting converters and such hooked up for the service. I worked in the cable television industry for 10 years and have a good working knowledge of how the servers and the boxes must be initialized and entered into the computer system so that the CSR's can do there work. I'm real good with a bar code reader because that is what we used at Charter when I worked there. I'd be thrilled to work for AT&T. It would be a dream come true to be doing that kind of work again. Getting the rolls of Cat 5 or Cat 6 or whatever the techs would be using as well as and I don't live that far from Oshkosh. It is truly an exciting time and I have been totally impressed with the images I have seen of the guide. I'd never go back to cable and Telephone lines make the only sense because everyone is going to need a telephone. I imagine there is going to be available pickups at the local AT&T stores that I see starting up throughout the valley. Fond du Lac and Appleton both have one. Well I've spoken my peace...I'll let you go. Just keep me informed of any job openings for a techie like me that likes setting up converters.

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I'm going to give up on

I'm going to give up on U-Verse. It's never going to come to Fond du Lac.

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I personally am really

I personally am really looking forward to U-verse coming to the Green Bay area. I'm going to give it a try just to see if it is any better than TW service. I'm only dissatisfied with TW because of the price. For the amount of HD they are providing it's hard to believe they charge that much.

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I'm curious about their HD

I'm curious about their HD offering but unless they are able to get 2 or more HD streams down that pipe at one time, it's not worth it for me. I routinely record two HD channels at one time and if I can't watch one HD channel and record another, that's way too restrictive for me.

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I believe they are hiring

I believe they are hiring people for the Uverse service right now. I think I heard an advertisement on the radio for techs awhile back. I would go to their website and check. As for the launch of the Uverse service I heard it could be launched sometime in the summer (2008). I think it is suppose to be Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac but I could be wrong.

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All I'm hearing is

All I'm hearing is fall/winter '08, and as slow as the rollout has gone so far, I'm inclined to believe that as a very conservative estimate.

I still think it's a crippled service out of the gate unless it launches with 2HD/2SD capability.

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Ya I have no interest in

Ya I have no interest in Uverse as I originally did if I am losing an features I currently have. 2hd/2sd is a good example. I am interested in the internet/phone part of the broadband once it is released. I think once they get up to speed with the rest of the companies (TWC, DirecTV, Dish) it may interest me to switch.

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I believe they are now

I believe they are now rolling out 2HD/2SD right now in already active areas, so I would believe that it would be likely that when they do launch in the NE Wisconsin area that they would do it with 2HD/2SD. I read on another website that someone spotted some AT&T trucks with Uverse logos on them parked at the Oshkosh office downtown. I also just checked their career website and there are job openings for what they are calling an "AT&T Premises Technician." It says in the job description "our Premises Technicians work both inside and outside and are responsible for the installation and customer care of the new U-verse integrated digital TV, high speed Internet and voice services." I would have to say that they would have to be launching before the end of the year for sure. Otherwise I don't think they would be hiring and probably training these people already.

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I hope that's a sign that

I hope that's a sign that they're trying to break their Q4 2008 target date. They're certainly in frenzy installation mode right now on new boxes.

If they want to gain any sort of traction in the N.E. Wisconsin market, they have to launch before the football season kicks off... WITH a working WLUK-HD feed.

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I heard that they are hoping

I heard that they are hoping to get uverse going by the end of june in menasha and the end of july in appleton. green bay is supposed to be sometime after those two.

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I've heard the same thing

I've heard the same thing about the end of June for Menasha and end of July for Appleton. I'm pretty sure they started rolling out the 2HD/2SD profile in the Milwaukee market. I'm willing to give the service a shot. I've heard a mixed bag about their HD service and their SD is supposed to be great. My subdivision has FTTP so I'll be interested to see if that makes a difference at all. Supposedly they do have an agreement with WLUK for HD as well.

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That's interesting. I was

That's interesting. I was under the impression the Oshkosh head end wasn't going to be operational until fall or winter, which is why they were targeting Q4. That would be good news, certainly.

Even though I'm not *crazy* about the limitations involved with HD over copper, there are certain features about it that are interesting to me. If there's not long-term contract involved (and with AT&T, I'd bet there is), I might float over just to give it a once-over.

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strangebrew you have fiber

strangebrew you have fiber to the premise in you subdivision? What subdivision do you live in? I wasn't aware they had any in this area. It was my understanding that only new subdivisions would probably get FTTP because they don't want to replace wire that is perfectly good when they already have as much money invested as they do. That's awesome for you if they do.

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FTTP is currently run in the

FTTP is currently run in the Winding Creek Subdivision in the Town of Menasha. It's off of Irish Rd between Prospect and Shady Ln.

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Sorry forgot to login for my

Sorry forgot to login for my last comment. I wanted to add it is a pretty new subdivision.

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Fond du Lac going to be

Fond du Lac going to be ready soon then I would hope?

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That is cool I wasn't aware

That is cool I wasn't aware they had any FTTP around here. I know they have an area down by Milwaukee that has FTTP (can't remember the town's name). It is my understanding that we will possibly only be seeing FTTP in new subdivisions or in areas were they will replace old wire. The second being less likely to happen because most of the current wire has many years left in it.

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Just had an ATT phone

Just had an ATT phone installation today, and the install guy said he thinks Uverse goes live in Neenah-Menasha at the end of the month. He said corporate is keeping it quiet in order not to tip off TWC, who most likely will be offering incentives to keep people from switching.

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I think it's safe to say TWC

I think it's safe to say TWC knows. They're already running anti-UVerse ads on radio and TV in our area.

Since they're running it now, I'm really believing the word around town of a summer launch. This will be huge!

I believe I will make the switch just because i want to see how it works, and it's always fun being one of the first to make the switch so you can see what people ought to be expecting.

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I don't plan on "making the

I don't plan on "making the switch", but it's nice to know that I may soon have that option.

The only reason I've stuck with Time Warner for TV is because of the packaged deal I get that includes internet. If it weren't for Time Warner's exclusivity on broadband internet service where I live in Appleton, I likely would have gone to DirecTV for HD. I'm happy enough with my internet service with Time Warner that I doubt I'll give much consideration to DSL- unless Time Warner decides to implement the cap on downloading like they are trialing in Texas. If they implement that cap and DSL is available, I'll definitely give AT&T a try.


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