Will new $99 players nudge you to the Blu side?

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Walmart has begun selling a Magnavox Blu-ray player in its stores, including those here in the Fox Cities, for $99. The player, obviously a lower-end model, brings the Blu-ray format under the $100 price point for the first time. Best Buy has reportedly also taken the price of its store-brand Insignia Blu-ray player to $99 to compete for new buyers. With the holiday season coming up fast, there may be others coming not far behind.

Does this make you more likely to jump in and buy a Blu-ray player?

Posted July 27, 2009 11:29am in
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Walmart in Appleton actually

Walmart in Appleton actually has two different Magnavox Blu-ray players at $98 right now. I just stopped by to drool over the TV I'm about to buy and they had the existing one which was kind of big and boxy, and a (slightly) slimmer, nicer looking one as well.

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I personally have a PS3, so

I personally have a PS3, so I don't I will be buying one anytime soon. These might be nice for a extra TV but I don't I would buy one for my main TV till I saw the quality.

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At the moment, I am not

At the moment, I am not planning on buying Blu-ray. I recent being forced to upgrade by the retailers and manufacturers. True, the new technology usually is better, but the old standards served people well for many years. We survived with VHS and it was okay at the time. Plus, there are now all those old format items lying around that seem old and no longer desirable to view. We have many tapes sitting on the shelves that are rairly watched. Think of all the money spent. Now it is all DVD and I have quit buying those because I am afraid that I will get a great collection only to see them as outdated. I am afraid that it will be the same when going to Blu-ray.

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I also have a PS3, so we

I also have a PS3, so we already have a blu-ray. I only have 720p TVs, so I doubt that I will ever tell a difference if I got a better player than the PS3.

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I've just got the NS-BRDVD3

I've just got the NS-BRDVD3 for an older TV in the bedroom. The primary selling point for me was the ethernet port. W/it I can stream netflix to the box (that'll be getting an upgrade soon) And Hulu and other such frebies on-line finally I have a viable alternative to $150/mo.cable bill. I considered a xbox or PS2 or something, but for 100$ it was worth a look (30 day return policy), and frankly I'm surprisingly happy w/ it.
The only drawback I found is nothing short of a remote twice the price of the player itself will consolidate functions w/ all the other ir controllers laying around.
Yes, I'm happy w/ it, but hope they add more online capabilities. Cuz of that I'm still thinking Wii. But for a few 100$ more a Guy could build a decent lil box w/ a dual core and terabyte drive.

For 100$ ya really can't go wrong w/ this, and I'm cheap!!!

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I've had this player for a

I've had this player for a few months now, and it's had Netflix since the day I bought it. If you don't have it, hook it up to the Internet and it'll show you it has an update to run. It works very well.

To get BD-Live functionality, you have to plug a USB flash drive into it though.

It doesn't, and likely will never, stream Hulu. Hulu doesn't (officially) allow any provider to bring its content directly to the TV.


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