Charter: 50% DOCSIS 3.0 Upgraded By Year's End

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Charter: 50% DOCSIS 3.0 Upgraded By Year's End
08:14AM Friday Mar 05 2010 by Karl Bode

Last week Charter gave their customers a bit of good news by informing Broadband Reports that the company has no plans to impose metered billing, or for that matter even enforce their recently created "soft caps." The company dropped another bit of good news on customers this week, announcing a suite of free speed upgrades for most users. Investors got good news this week as well, with Charter's post-bankruptcy earnings report showing a company on the mend. On their earnings conference call, Charter noted that the company hopes to have about 50% of their network DOCSIS 3.0 "ready" by the end of this year:

Charter chief technology officer Marwan Fawaz said Charter expects to have about 50 percent of its plant Docsis 3.0-ready by the end of 2010. Charter has about 5.3 million customers, making it the sixth-largest video service provider in the US. . . Following an initial launch in St. Louis, Charter has made its 60-Mbit/s "Ultra" wideband tier available to about 1 million homes, Mike Lovett, Charter's interim CEO, said on a conference call Tuesday.

It looks like contrary to what we thought, Charter's powering this week's free speed upgrades with DOCSIS 2.0 for many markets. Next up for Charter? Fixing their traditional last-place showing in most consumer satisfaction studies, something they've struggled to do for the better part of the decade. We've had good experiences dealing with Charter's new Twitter support crew, but as we've often discussed Twitter in some instances is only a band-aid for deeper customer billing and support problems.

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I have to say it is pretty

I have to say it is pretty sad that Charter is going to be pushing out DOCSIS 3.0 faster than Time Warner Cable even after just emerging from bankruptcy. Now all Charter will need to do is get their HD channels more in line with the other cable and satellite providers and I would maybe consider going back to them.


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