Channel 26-2 doesn't show in the DirecTV guide

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Does anyone know why 26-2 doesn't show in DirecTV's guide? I have the HR20 which includes the off-air antenna integration and haven't been able to get it to show up. I completed the off air antenna set up a few times and it never comes in. Anything else to try?

Posted April 23, 2011 9:37pm in
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Probably not, this seems to

Probably not, this seems to be a full on DirecTV issue due to limited guide space. The first theory was that you had to wait for the channel to be added to the Tribune Inc TV listings or whoever they contracted with to create the guide. However that has been done for a few months now. Now they are saying that they don't have the ability to do full rescans and add the channels to the guide display. Very disappointing if you ask me. I was going to try to add it again now that it has been a couple of months since I tried it last but I am not optimistic.


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