DirecTV’s Whole Home DVR Now Available

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DirecTV’s Whole Home DVR Now Available ($3)
Filed by Dave Zatz

After several months of private testing, followed by an open beta, DirecTV has formally introduced their whole-home DVR service. As a fan of the ‘hub and spoke’ digital distribution model, the MoCA-based solution looks quiet compelling.

Of course, DirecTV subscribers would need at least one HD DVR. But each additional room (up to 15!) can be outfitted with a less pricey HD receiver to schedule or view recordings from the primary DVR. Free would be nice, but you really can’t go wrong a low $3 monthly surcharge.

Posted May 14, 2010 7:00pm in
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I have Directv and the beta

I have Directv and the beta has been working great for me. Kind of sucks that I will have to pay for it now.

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I have been following this on

I have been following this on the DBSTalk site and it looks like the rollout has been quite an adventure for people in the Beta. The implementation of the DECA and whether or not a SWM is needed has been problematic. I am going to be calling in the next couple of weeks to see what my options are. I know I will need to replace my H20 receiver and will probably upgrade it to a 2nd DVR box in addition to the "upgrade package price". I agree that I wish this was rolled into our "lease" cost already for the boxes but it looks like all of the providers have been busting out their "feature fees" and if they don't, they hide it inside some other fee.


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