new format on this site, but still untimely forums, comments

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Let's update our forums ! Why does this site continue to have OLD news (forums, comments) instead of NEW ,current topics ? I see the newest comments are still about 2 weeks old and others are aging. It seems the new format has changed little, if anything. Too bad ! How can we have nothing new to discuss?

Posted July 16, 2009 3:29am in
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I'm really womdering why we

I'm really womdering why we are led to believe this site is changed. Look at the post dates among all the forum topics, and look at the dates on any other comments, responses on the home page. Why do we bother having this site active if no one is contributing to it. It's like looking at the newespapers from 1 to 12 months ago. OLD news is OLD news ! I've always enjoyed tis site and its forums and comments, but maybe it should just plain shut down if there is nothing current. What's the point in re-reading what was here 6 weeks ago ? I hate saying and suggesting that, but c'mon, think about it. Here is a case where no news is NOT goood news.

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Maybe instead of complaining

Maybe instead of complaining you could try contributing. Just a few people can't do it all. Lets remember that no one is making a living off of this site.

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I contribute when there is

I contribute when there is something that I am interested or knowledgable in. If others contributed more, as Sean posted above, this place might pick up a little.

Also remember, other sites are nationwide or even worldwide...this is for tv viewers in the Northeast Wisconsin area. This is a small demographic to begin with...then out of this small group, we attract an even smaller (dare I say tiny!) subgroup who enjoys internet forums.

This site is very nice for the small niche it serves.

As a side note...I joined a brand new forum site a few years ago that was based on Minolta digital SLRs (there were only TWO models produced, and Minolta then sold their photography division to Sony). It took us forever to get to 100 members, and of those, about 90% joined and posted once or twice and never returned. Now, several YEARS later, the owner of the site has had talks with Sony about selling his site to them (which he probably won't) and we have several hundred active members and thousands of listed members.

It takes time!

Keep up the good work Mark!



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