10pm news in HD?

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When is the Northeast Wisconsin channels going to broadcast 10pm news in HD? I was in Milwaukee a few weeks ago and noticed almost all local channels are HD for basically ALL shows. You would think at least one of our local networks would be 24/7 HD by now?

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WFRV is putting weather

WFRV is putting weather forecasts in the 4x3 pillar boxes, as well as a full 16x9 crawl. I'd put my money on them being first.

As far as syndicated content, who knows. That's more up to the content provider.

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Really love that WFRV is

Really love that WFRV is really starting to use their 16x9 graphics like that. Until they go HD for news -- if ever -- it's a good use of empty space. Wish other channels would follow suit.

So far of the Green Bay channels, only WFRV and WLUK are pushing HD beyond network programming. Both can store and playback their syndicated programming (ie. Seinfeld on WLUK, Oprah on WFRV, etc) in HD. But unlike WLUK, WFRV is starting to produce promos, legal ID's and local commercials in HD as well. They have HD production equipment of some capacity, but converting over all your studio gear and field ENG gear to HD is a much bigger prospect. I think the 16x9 graphics is a positive step to take in the meantime.

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I would be happy to see

I would be happy to see local programming in 16X9 480p ED. It would be better than SD and would fill the entire screen without using a ton of bandwidth (for WBAY and all of the Wausau stations that currently have sub-channels).


EDIT: Actually, I would love to see ALL SD content shown as widescreen.

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I'm with Bill, I think I

I'm with Bill, I think I could deal with all SD in widescreen for quite some time. Better than nothing.

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Sean, I love HD and wouldn't


I love HD and wouldn't give it up. What I meant was that I would rather see locally produced programming in 16:9 480p than 4:3 SD. I really like that Seinfeld is in 16:9 widescreen ED on WLUK at night. This is MUCH better than sidebars.

I was commenting that widescreen ED would be much preferable to 4:3 SD and would not take up nearly the resources (both signal bandwidth and studio equipment) that HD does.

You may have understood me the first time, but after reading your reply, I feel that I may have been unclear in what I was trying to say. (I have had a whiskey sour so I am a bit blurry compared to normal!)


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Are you sure that WLUK is

Are you sure that WLUK is running syndication in ED? I thought it was HD. They're running Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune's HD versions, and I think Sony only offers 4x3 SD or 16x9 HD versions of Seinfeld now.

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They could have upconverted

They could have upconverted to HD also. When I watch Seinfeld, it looks like they zoomed and cropped the top and bottom. I had figured that it looked good, but not HD good. It was just a guess that they went ED. Either way, I like the widescreen better.


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I'd have to get an official

I'd have to get an official word on it from WLUK, but I'm 99% sure they're running Sony's HD remasters of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld was shot on film and that's what Sony went back and used to upgrade their syndication masters from 4x3 pan and scan to 16x9 widescreen and HD. I believe Sony now sends out SD versions of Seinfeld letterboxed and WLUK ran those before switching over to HD syndication playback.

Now I'm kind of glad I didn't buy Seinfeld on DVD. Maybe a Blu-ray will come out.

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Yup, I did understand what

Yup, I did understand what you where saying. I would much rather see everything in HD but in the mean time it would be nice if they at least made everything fill the screen. I don't think this would be all that unreasonable considering HD/widescreen TVs are becoming more and more commonplace.

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I've been told from reliable

I've been told from reliable sources that the cost of doing the local news (upgrade, equipment, technology, etc) would easily reach $1-2 million.
I think it will be a while.

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Given that LIN TV just

Given that LIN TV just dropped a million or two on their new "Content Center" expansion, I doubt they'd put HD news on their radar for quite sometime, unless another area station does.


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