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Perhaps WGBA will pick this up as a sub-channel. I don't know how interested I would be, but I am sure a lot of people would like a channel like the old 80's MTV (with current music, but that old format when MTV was a fantastic music video radio station).

WGBA's sister station WTMJ currently carries this as a sub-channel.

I wonder if it has decent content...


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I'd love to see any new

I'd love to see any new subchannels really. With WLUK and WFRV adding syndicated HD, I wonder if they'd ever run a subchannel alongside their main one.

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I'm usually able to receive

I'm usually able to receive this channel at my home in Oshkosh. They use it to cross-promote their radio station, 94.5 "Lake FM". Like the radio station, "The Cool TV" plays a random mix of music videos. They'll play something by the Doors, and then ABBA, and then Beyonce, etc. Apparently there is not a national feed of "The Cool TV", each market customizes the music they want to play and then generate the programming locally.

I don't like that they play A LOT of commercials and promos for TMJ-4. More commercials than music, it seems. They have to pay the bills, I guess.

I doubt that WGBA would launch this as a subchannel since they don't operate a radio station in the same market. At least that's the business model their sister station uses in Milwaukee. It would be great to see it, however (with less commercials!).

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A side note: WFXS FOX55 in

A side note: WFXS FOX55 in Wausau now has at least one sub channel now (Untamed Sports TV). I believe it is "Outdoors" content.

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Yup. And NBC 12 out of

Yup. And NBC 12 out of Rhinelander has NBC Universal Sports. I went to a lot of trouble to get that station simply for Universal Sports. I do not even have 12-1 in my channel lineup as it is identical to NBC 26 with the exception of the local newscasts.

Man, I would love to see each of the stations without subchannels to add just one!


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Agreed, Bill, on your last

Agreed, Bill, on your last point. Seems like there is some opportunity out there to fill a void or two. Music and sports, as mentioned in this thread, seem like naturals. But I have a secondary wish for a substation that may seem strange: Disney.

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I don't think you will be

I don't think you will be seeing Disney anytime soon but it would be nice to see a subchannel dedicated to childrens programing. Some other options would be spanish/multicultural or Health/Lifestyle programing. I would like to see something music related (videos/concerts).

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ION in Wausau had 4

ION in Wausau had 4 subchannels: ION, Qubo, ION Life and Worship. Qubo is the same children's animated programming you see on the major networks on Saturday morning.

Our kids are nearly past that age, but I would still love to see Qubo as a local subchannel. I also want ME TV, but I contacted Wiegal Broadcasting and they told me that they would love to be in other markets, but they only own the syndication rights to the shows they air in two markets...Chicago and Milwaukee.

Another 80' onto my tower and a 91XG at the top pointed to IS possible!!! :-)


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An extra 80' of tower on a

An extra 80' of tower on a roof, now that would be something to see! :)

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Here's my current 43' tower

Here's my current 43' tower (to top of mast):

and the same picture zoomed and cropped so you can see the preamp and jointennas:

I am adding a 4'-8" FM 1/2 wave whip antenna to the top as soon as it arrives.



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