A couple of free suggestions:

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Just a couple of suggestions that might be interesting for local stations to do...

1. Have the two duopolys - WLUK/WCWF and WGBA/WACY - shrink by using a subchannel of the main station to carry the weaker station. Voila, two stations, using just one transmitter. Big savings in power usage. Heck, the scrap metal alone from the extra towers would help.

2. If a station really wants to do itself a favor, put Univision or Telemundo on a subchannel. The growing Hispanic population would flock to it.

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I wonder if there's anything

I wonder if there's anything in their network affiliate agreements requiring them to be carried on a primary signal. The Superior/Duluth NBC affiliate does carry MyNetworkTV on a subchannel I guess. WAOW in Wausau, I believe, carries something called "The CW+". Not sure what that means.

I'm glad they're kept on separate channels... I wouldn't want the weaker channels' leaching bandwidth off the stronger ones' HD signal. Rarely, if at all, are two HD signals on one frequency. Even the Live Well Network, though offered in HD, is a lower-bandwidth variety. I'd rather they use their weaker signals to add some more subchannels to the market. There's a few dozen in Milwaukee. ThisTV and Ion would be nice.

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CW+ is a service that

CW+ is a service that generally provides CW programming to markets below No. 100. It's usually carried on cable, but now it goes to digital subchannels as well.


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