Do you think America will be ready for the analog switch on 2/17/09?

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I've had a lot of questions recently from folks of all different stripes about the impending digital television switch. I think that now the stories about the coupon program are starting to hit the news, I'm seeing a lot of panic and confusion crop up over the switch. Unfortunately, I think a lot of that has to do with some misinformation from some of these news stories or talk-radio discussions. I'm hearing a lot of paranoia and hard-core, all-out anger over this thing.

What do you think? Will the switch go off as planned, or do you think the government will push the deadline yet again?

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Yes. America will be

Yes. America will be ready.

Of course, there will be people out there who will complain and even bring lawsuits claiming they should be given new state of the aret HDTVs for free.

TVs are a way of life in this country. Their prices have really come down over the last 35 years (in real monies). They are more affordable than ever!

My entire family either has begun to switch, or at least plans to switch in the next year, all of their TVs. I already have done this. My wife's family...not one of them has bought a single HDTV or ATSC tuner. They are the type that think this is a stupid change.

I tell them about the energy efficiency of digital. They see the better pictures (and sound) that we get in my house. They just hate change, and even more, they hate change that means spending money.

My father-in-law says he will not buy an HDTV because TV is a waste of time. Yet, they have digital cable and he ALWAYS has a hunting or fishing show on. This switch is no different than the change from AM to FM. At first, FM tuners were expensive. MANY people bought FM converters that they would install between their car radio and their antenna, then tune to an unused frequency and turn on the converter.

HD is here to stay. Unfortunately, there are always the few that hate change or just plain like to have something to whine about!


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One year. One more

One year.

One more year.

There was a news broadcast today that reminded us that one year from midnight tonight, all full power Analog TV will go dark (some low power analog stations will continue to broadcast in analog for a period of a year or so after the switch).

I found it interesting that our national power consumption will decrease by about 10% the moment the switch over occurs.

If radio would go completely digital, we would save an additional 15% or more!

One year!


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Now that I know Wal-mart is

Now that I know Wal-mart is stocking converters, I feel much more confident about the switch.

[[sarcastic cough]]

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Is it true that our local

Is it true that our local Fox station will no longer be able to block the cable and satellite providers from rebroadcasting their signals in February of 2009?

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I suppose, that depends. If

I suppose, that depends. If they only broadcast in HD, then...NO. They must allow cable and sattelite to retransmit their HD signal.

However, what if WLUK broadcast digital SD television on 11.1 and broadcast a digital HD signal on digital subchannel 11.2? I am quite sure they could sidestep this issue and not allow their HD signal to be retransmitted by cable and sattelite.

In fact, all of the locals could do this. The NBC affiliate out of Rhinelander had digital channel 12.1 that was SD and digital channel 12.2 that was the HD feed last summer. (I turned my antenna and can no longer get this station, so I don't know if they still have this setup).

Not trying to be negative, but it could happen.


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The problem with the switch

The problem with the switch isn't the switch itself but the way some people are handling it. The information is out there people just have to find it. I have countless people come in (at work) generaly confused at what's going on. They know there's a switch they just need to talk to a real person to have them explain it alittle more. I am happy to talk to people about the converter boxes and make sure they aren't getting something they don't need. There will always be people who resist change no matter what the benifits are. I had a gentleman the other day scold me demanding that the government should be buying everyone converter boxes because he can't afford to pay for the boxes. He had six TV's in his house and thinks the government should give him six free boxes. It's our choice to watch TV, it isn't a constitutional right to watch TV. I think the government has been more than fair in their coupon issuing program.

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I think the coupon system is

I think the coupon system is entirely fair. That we're getting any help making the transition is surprising to me. I have heard people talk about the coupon program as government pork and unnecessary. I think that's kinda funny.

That guy who complained about the six TVs... I think I know who you're talking about.

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imho: Probably not. There

imho: Probably not.
There are so many people that are very broke right now that can't afford the converter boxes, even with the $40 off coupon.
There are also the doubters that say that the conversion will never happen.

Ss for the fool who has six tvs so he needs six coupons, I am rather fortunate that our government has issued two coupons per person. That is pretty generous in my op. So maybe this dude (or lady) is trying to sell them for quick cash on ebay. if it happens, then I think it's sad that people are willing to cheat the government out on things.

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now that Congress has passed

now that Congress has passed the bill to delay the switch to digital to June 12th ,what are the chances of any stations from the Green Bay market switching on Feb 17th?

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WBAY is tiptoeing around

WBAY is tiptoeing around switching. They want to see the exact language of the bill.

WFRV is also considering, supposedly. I think they would only do it if all the others do too.

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I would like to see WLUK

I would like to see WLUK switch. They are the only station that is moving to a different channel (back to 11 from 51) and I really want to be able to fine tune the antennas.

On a side note, ALL of the LaCrosse/Eau Claire and Wausau stations, with the exception of the PBS affiliates, will be switching on February 17th. This is fantastic news as I am hoping to get channel 8 out of LaCrosse and I am sure I will have no problems with channel 13 out of Eau Claire once they switch. Channel 8 LaCrosse is moving back to real channel 8 and the double bonus is that channel 13 Eau Claire is moving their digital channel from channel 39 back to real channel 13. This is a bonus because WFRV transmits their digital signal on channel 39 and WEAU's digital signal interferes with WFRV at times. The switch will make WFRV absolutely rock solid for me 24/7 while also making WEAU rock solid on channel 13.


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I just saw that WBAY is not

I just saw that WBAY is not turning off their analog signal until June. I hope the rest of the stations just switch and get it done with. I'm all set, and sick of hearing about the switch.


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