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I am moving in a few weeks and am wondering if I should dump TW for DISH, DirectTV or AT&T and if I did what would I do for internet?

Posted February 18, 2010 11:37pm in
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I'm sure everyone will have

I'm sure everyone will have their own opinions on which you should do and which is better, but I find it really is a personal taste kind of thing and also whichever works best for your particular needs.

For me, Time Warner makes the most sense considering how many TVs I have in semi-regular or regular use in the house. I had considered AT&T U-Verse, but found the limitations of how many programs could be on or recorded at once in my house too restrictive, as well as the fact that I could only have one DVR in the whole house and couldn't upgrade the storage. Plus having to pay for receivers for every TV I use is a real dealbreaker, and would have actually made U-Verse more expensive.

Likewise, I (personally) don't want to go for satellite because I like being able to ditch a provider if I hate the service without termination fees. I could do that with DISH but I wouldn't get discounted service, which I find annoying. I like being able to use things like a TiVo or a Windows Media Center PC with Time Warner as well.

As far as Internet, you could still get separate Road Runner or DSL if you switched providers.

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Remember that if you get the

Remember that if you get the price lock-in from TWC, you have an early termination penalty charge.

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I have to agree with Mark

I have to agree with Mark that it really depends on your personal preference and situation.

Currently, I'd have a hard time moving away from Time Warner. I like being able to have an HDTV in our bedroom and receive locals in HD using clear QAM and not have to pay for a box. It's also nice to have analog TVs hooked up in both guest rooms and not have to pay extra prices. Time Warner now pretty much has as many HD channels as the others. You may not be able to get NFL Network, but really, the channel isn't that great.

I also like that with TWC, I feel that I am in control of my equipment and home wiring. If something isn't working, I know how to reset the boxes and if all else fails, I can bring it to TWC to exchange free of charge that same day. No need waiting for a repair man. I also never will have to go on the roof to adjust the dish or sweep snow off of it. I can also re-wire my house at will and split as many runs as I want for as many TVs as I want. I do not want to be at the mercy of a repair guy to come over when something goes wrong.

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I would say it really depends

I would say it really depends on your viewing habits and what type of features you are looking for.

Personally I would stay with TWC. You can hook up several TVs without needing any set top boxes, they have been doing a great job playing catch up on the HD channels, the odds of weather putting you out of service is very minimal, with the exception of the price lock there is no ETF, they carry the local subchannels. Just to name a few things.

With Uverse you get lots of "extras" with their software but can only watch and record up to a combination of 4 channels per household at one time (examples: 4 SD, 1 HD/3 SD or 2 HD/2 SD). Also depending on the distance you are from VRAD there may be restrictions on the services you can get, such as; slower internet speeds or 1 hd max per household at a time, they offer Whole Home DVR.

With either satellite provide you will lose your bundling deals that you can get with TWC and Uverse.

Ultimately it comes down to what you are looking for in the service being provided to you. Every service provider has it's pros and cons.

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I decided to stay with TW I

I decided to stay with TW I locked in for two years for digital tv and Roadrunner. One thing that annoys me with TW is that if you want to record two shows at the same time you cannot watch something else you are stuck with the shows you are recording. But I stayed with TW.

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Or, you can watch a show you

Or, you can watch a show you recorded earlier.

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But that means I have to get

But that means I have to get out of my favorite recliner and that would not be acceptable.

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I would rather have that

I would rather have that problem with Time Warner and be able to go to another TV in the house and still watch TV. If I was on U-Verse and was recording two HD shows at once (as is very much the norm in my house), NO ONE in my house could watch TV at all.

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Not exactly true about

Not exactly true about U-Verse. You could still go and most likely watch 2 other SD channels, maybe not HD at the time but still could watch SD.

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From what I've always been

From what I've always been told about it, you have a maximum of four "streams" into your house at any time. HD takes up two streams. So if you record two HD shows at once, you're using all four streams.

Can I also just say... I find it really annoying that you can't even get the HD versions of your local broadcast channels if you don't pay the HD technology fee. My parents have U-Verse and canceled the HD service, and we weren't able to watch WGBA-HD for the Olympics tonight. I can understand shutting out all the cable channels, but leave the locals open!

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This is how it works with the

This is how it works with the streams. You have three options with the streams.

4 SD/0 HD
3 SD/1 HD
2 SD/2 HD

There are also two different sync profiles as well.

25/2 and 19/1 The 19/1 profile allows for only 1 HD stream. This is for people that live farther along the loop before U-verse is no longer available.

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So if we have 3 HD shows set

So if we have 3 HD shows set to record (as can happen during primetime), will one of my shows not record, or will one record in SD?

We have two HD DVRs in our house just for this purpose. I still don't like not being able to watch live HD anywhere in the house if I'm recording two HD shows.

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The DVR will pick two of the

The DVR will pick two of the HD shows to record and not record the third. It will not record in SD unless you program it to record in SD.

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Don't forget about the 32/5

Don't forget about the 32/5 profile that is being pushed out right now which will allow for 3HD soon.

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Yep. Currently that profile

Yep. Currently that profile has 2HD/2SD, but soon will have 3HD.


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