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Good evening!

It's good to have the new site up and running. Let's hope for a happy, interesting, entertaining, insightful and knowledgeable forum.

My name is Bill and I live southwest of New London.

Posted November 28, 2007 6:22pm in
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After 21 years of my own

After 21 years of my own Charter cable and 8 years of prior living with my parents Charter cable, I finally got smart and put up an antenna!

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Antenna livin'

How's that antenna treating you?

I'm thinking more and more of abandoning cable for the first time in my life. I've had Time Warner Cable ever since I was a kid, and truly I'm beginning to think there's enough stuff on broadcast TV to do without cable. Any programs I really love on cable I can then by "a la carte" from iTunes or watch online.

Ever since I built myself a DVR (a Windows Media Center PC), with dual HD OTA tuners, I'm really really thinking about dropping cable altogether. Am I crazy?

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I dropped cable last spring.

I dropped cable last spring. I am 38 miles from the Green Bay towers and 62 miles from the Wausau towers. I bought a pair of $40 Antennacraft MXU-59 UHF yagis from an electronics store by the Outagamie Co. Airport. I put them both in my attic and pointed them in the correct direction. I joined them with a splitter and then into the highest gain channel master amp.

From there it is a 25' run to the bedroom TV where it is again split. The second leg of the split runs another 75 feet to the family room TV.

With this setup I receive all channels in both markets, except for channel 12.1 out of Rhinelander (93 miles away), but even that comes in about 20% of the time. The problem is interference. WFRV gets interference from having 2 antennas, either multipath or perhaps the Wausau channel (either 7 or 9) is too close in frequency.

I then unhooked the Wausau antenna and get great reception of all GB channels, plus I still get Wausau stations at night.

My goal is to put up a 38' tower. Channels 7 and 9 are going back to their analog frequencies, so I am hoping that a UHF antenna towards GB and a VHF antenna towards Wausau will get me all the channels (other than 12 in Rhinelander). I can clearly get Fox 55 in Wittenberg right now with the single antenna, so I hope that won't change when they becom digital and move to channel 50. I also hope that if I point the VHF antenna towards Wausau, there will be enough rear signal to cleanly pick up WLUK, which will move back to physical channel 11.

I had planned to accomplish this by August of this last summer, but other projects got in the way. Now my wife is insisting I get it done! I keep telling her that then I can hook up both antennas in the attic just to feed the bedroom TV. If I do this, the signals are strong enough that I have no problems. I would then feed the family room TV from just the tower.

As for cable...my wife whined at first. I miised having the Brewer games to watch. We all (including my 9 and 10 yr olds) miss Discovery, Nat. Geo., etc, but all in all, everyone has learned to live without it. The kids play outside more. We have rediscovered network TV (which we NEVER watched when we had cable) and found MANY great shows. There are at least 2 shows that we watch every night. Plus, PBS is outstanding. AND, I get the Packers in HD!


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I have to bring up the

I have to bring up the writer's strike, though. Unless you're talking about reality shows and the news, network TV isn't going to be nearly as exciting in the coming months.

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Yeah, I know. BUT...I do

Yeah, I know. BUT...I do get all the HD channels, including FOX 11!

I get Wausau sations that sometimes have different ballgames on than the Green Bay locals do. I still get PBS, which has 5 channels that will not be affected by the strike.


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I think with 5 PBS channels

I think with 5 PBS channels and the upcoming Retro network from WBAY, it's getting easier to go all-antenna these days.

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Well, PBS Kids is for our


PBS Kids is for our kids. PBS #1 is good programming. PBS #2 I can't say I watch too much. PBS #3 (Create) is outstanding. I watch the cooking shows and the home improvement shows. PBS #4 is PBS Kids. PBS #5 is PBS HD. It runs different programming than the others. Once in a while it is the same as PBS #1, but most of the time they are different.

PBS HD (#5) comes on at 7PM. When it does, PBS #2, #3 and #4 go dark. (for bandwidth reasons)

Yes, Mark. I agree. With the 7 networks and various subchannels, there is plenty of decent quality programming on OTA. We went from watching American Chopper and Deadliest Catch to watching "The War" on PBS (outstanding!) and network shows that we NEVER watched before (House, Chuck, CSI, etc.) There are good programs on network TV.

We have no problems finding something decent to watch.


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I totally agree. I'm hoping

I totally agree. I'm hoping to catch "The War," but with its total length, I don't know if I can make that much "sit down commitment"!

I wish Windows Media Center would list WPNE's subchannels. Currently they only list WPT1, so I have to watch WPNE's listings and make recordings manually.

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Titan TV lists all of the

Titan TV lists all of the PBS subchannels except for PBS HD. For some reason, PBS HD is left blank continuously (as is WLUK).

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You could also try

You could also try this:



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