Hulu: your favorite NBC and FOX shows direct from the network, with less commercials!

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Don't know if many have heard of this yet, but there's a new free online video service called Hulu, being spearheaded by the NBC and FOX networks. Partly as a way to head off video piracy and partly a way for networks to retain more control over how their video is viewed digitally, Hulu is currently in private beta.

Head on over to and sign up to get in line for an invitation to join the beta. I haven't gotten mine yet, but if there's any invites given to us to give out, we'll certainly pass them along. Of the little I've seen of it so far, it seems like an intriguing way to watch pretty much all the good shows from NBC and FOX directly from the source for free. Granted there's no portability and the quality is not HD (yet...), but most newer computers should have video outputs to feed your TV. And hey, free TV is good TV (especially without all the local affiliate baggage)!

Above is a Hulu video... a full length episode of "The Simpsons." The previous incarnation of FOX's online video on MySpace was limited to certain shows only. Hulu adds many more that were missing from that offering, including "House" and "The Simpsons." Plus, I believe most or all the shows on Hulu will be "limited commercial interruption," probably only one :15 or :30 commercial per break. Nice! If anyone's already using it, let us know what you think!

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