Is it time cable companies offered "HD-only" packages?

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DISH Network now offers a lower-priced package of HD-only channels that could be very attractive to HDTV owners who balk at the poor quality of SD programming.

Should cable offer such a plan to keep customers in the fold (or attract new ones)?

(Thanks for FCTV member Aaron for the idea of this topic!)

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I think they should. I only

I think they should. I only watch two shows in SD these days. South Park and Top Chef on Bravo. I don't need to pay for 70 SD channels for just these two shows and I would be fine dropping them if it means a $20 lower cable bill each month. The only issue I could see coming up is having to use a cable box on every TV (the biggest downside to sat) Also, would they allow the HD signal to be downcoverted to a SD TV if needed. Very few people have HD only TV houses. In 5 years or so however, I see it being much more common.

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Why would they need to have

Why would they need to have HD downconverted to SD? You can still have analog/digital cable as you do now for people with SDTVs, but let HDTV owners opt to only take the HD channels for a special price. I think it'd be pretty popular.

Time Warner's HD receivers do have RCA/S-Video outputs, too, if you're really looking to downconvert.

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I think what Aaron is asking

I think what Aaron is asking is this...If you get an HD only package, will they provide a way to downconvert to SD also? The probable reason he is asking this is that he has an HDTV and wants to watch all of the HD channels, yet he has a secondary TV that is not HD and would like to have the ability to watch the HD channels on that SD set also.

I could be way off, but that is how I read it.


BTW, I am all for HD only programming. A dish with 30-40 top HD channels, without all of the "crap" channels would be worth $30/ mo to me. I don't need 250 channels for $60...just give me the big 40 in HD for half the price.

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Bill, thats exactly it. I

Bill, thats exactly it. I would want a way to watch those same HD channels on an SD TV. As long as they offered a way to do do that, it'd be great.

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If I could have all three of

If I could have all three of my TV (1 HD and 3SD) and downconvert the two with the HD I box I am all for it.

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Paying for HD only and then

Paying for HD only and then watching SD kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

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"Paying for HD only and then

"Paying for HD only and then watching SD kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?"

Exactly my thoughts. This would be for those who just want to drive their HDTVs. If you have multiple TVs both in HD and SD, I would think you'd just want a regular package.

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Mine are on the verge of

Mine are on the verge of going out so I would just be prepping for the update

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But our house only has

But our house only has HDTVs. We have a 37" Vizio in the family room and a 20" Samsung in the bedroom, plus an older Toshiba 30" HD ready tube tv and a Samsung 260 TV tuner.



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