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Just got a media center PC setup and it's running Vista Home Ultimate. I'm using Windows Media Center and I noticed subchannels aren't listed. I was able to add them using the 'Add Missing DTV Channel' option, but the guide info is for the main channel. Are there any workarounds, hacks, or plugins that will get program data for the subchannels?

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I don't believe there is a

I don't believe there is a solution for it, at least none that I've found. From what I've read, Microsoft doesn't seem too committed to providing solutions to it either. I guess if you don't go with a paid service like TiVo, you get what you pay for, so to speak.

The only subchannel I regularly record from is WPNE-HD (38.5). I usually go to and peruse the listings every couple weeks and set up manual recordings.

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Assuming you aren't already

Assuming you aren't already using satellite or cable, the only possible workaround to get the subchannel show listings in the electronic programming guide is to use listings for satellite or cable instead of Over-The-Air and then remap the channels. All satellite and cable providers are required to carry at least the first subchannel.

What I don't understand is TimeWarner is listed as having been the first cable provider to carry all PBS subchannels as of last year, but looking at the TW TV guides in various places on the internet only shows them as carrying the first subchannel. And maybe one other one, I forget. But definitely not all four of them as of looking last week.

MCE is crippled for Over-the-Air listings. MCE is also the ONLY HTPC software that cares if those DRM copy-protection flags are on, and since these things have been going on for at least two years minimum, it's obvious Microsoft has little intention of fixing them.


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