Monday Couch Potato Question: If you called the shots, which channels go?

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If you made the decisions at your local cable company or satellite network... which channels would you give the axe and why?

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If I made the decisions, we

If I made the decisions, we would have a-la-carte!!!

In the real world, I would make the basic package one with all of the locals in HD (ALL, not just the big 4!!!), then add the Weather Channel, CNN Headline News, FSN North, and a local access channel.

Packages would be chosen for each grouping...

One add on group would be all of the shopping channels.

Another group would be all of the religious channels.

Another would be all of the childrens channels.

Another would be educational (univerity studies) channels.

Another would be national sports channels (ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, etc, NFL Network, Big Ten Network, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel)

Another would be more specialized sports channels (all the FSN regional channels, soccer channel, etc)

Also, a package with all of the "encyclopedic" channels...TLC, History Channel, Discovery channels, etc.

News channel package (CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc)

Superstation package

Women's movies package (lifetime, WE, etc.)


Let the subscribers pay for what THEY want, not what the media owners tell them they must take!


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Great in theory but it will

Great in theory but it will never happen. As we've seen with the battle between Big Ten Network, NFL Network and the cable providers, it's a big deal to get onto certian tiers. And most networks wouldn't want to let their basic tier packaging status go. Also you're making the assumption that people like all channels in a specific genre. I love CNN and FOX news coverage but can't stand MSNBC, so even though I hate MSNBC I have to pay for it even with your package system, completly missing the point of the whole thing. And there would be a great discrepency in prices as well. A sports package with ESPN on it would probably be ten times as much as a childrens or religous package and no one would get the shopping channels if they had a choice.


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