Notice to FOX11... please stop messing with our voting system... thanks.

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Green Bay

There has been a substantial increase of web traffic from FOX 11's network on this site all throughout the day today.  There has been someone there who has twice (so far) voted up FOX 11 in our local channel section, while voting down other Green Bay channels.

If whoever is doing it doesn't knock it off, I will be banning their IP addresses.

The voting system is there for our readers to voice their opinions.  Please respect our viewers and let them voice their opinions without tryng to manipulate our tallys.

Thank you.

Posted June 5, 2008 4:56pm in
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I watch a lot of Fox 11. As

I watch a lot of Fox 11. As a family, we watch PBS and Fox the most. It is unfortunate if they are sinking to this level.


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Hahaha, I love it. What a

Hahaha, I love it. What a classy station we have up here! Someone should notifiy WBAY, WGBA, and WFRV of this story. I don't think it'll be making the "Breaking News" report anytime soon on WLUK.

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it is prob. doug higgens.

it is prob. doug higgens. (since we all know he has the best hints.)
that or jay zollar just wanting everthing to be balanced.

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WLUK: "Barely Balanced"

WLUK: "Barely Balanced"


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