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What station do you think has the best website. Please provide some details about why. :)


Posted July 3, 2011 5:35pm in
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WBAY: I'd give it a C.

WBAY: I'd give it a C. Hasn't changed a great deal, and I've thought it was always a bit busy. The only thing I ever go to WBAY for is their interactive radar, which is the best in the market in my opinion.

WFRV: I would have given their previous site a B- but their new site is a D-. Only thing I like about it is their interactive radar. They use the same one as WLUK, but they link to a "futurecast" version of it as well. WLUK used to, but don't anymore for some reason.

WLUK: I'd give WLUK a B. Probably the better (notice I didn't say "best") of the news station sites in the market. There are a lot of things I like about it, but probably more that I don't. It's pretty disorganized, but it's pretty media-rich.

WGBA: I can't really give their site a rating because I generally detest Journal websites (and news) and NBC26 is no exception. I have to be able to stand a station's news product before even considering visiting their website. NBC26 is the lowest rung on the news ladder in the market and it's not going to get any better under Journal's watch (HD or no).

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My favorite site used to be

My favorite site used to be, but I absolutely despise the "new" I haven't found a favorite local news site yet, but wish I could.

I would give WBAY's site a C as well, since there are a ton of ads on the site, along with some pop-ups. The content is good, but the ads can get annoying.

I would've given WFRV's site an A-, but I give their new site a huge F. It uses graphics from the 90s and is hard to navigate. Plus, I think the search is still broken on the site.

I give WLUK's site a B, because it is horrendously slow on older computers, but is fine with computers with powerful processors. The content and layout is good, otherwise.

I would have to give WGBA's site a C-, not because of the graphics, but because of the content. It just seems like they hardly update it, and when they finally do, the news is already old.

I wish there could be another site like the old :/


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