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Does anybody think WLUK or WGBA will get new sets when they switch to HD? or maybe WFRV will get one since they retained their old one?

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Should WGBA ever get into HD

Should WGBA ever get into HD (and I consider that a pretty sizable "if"), I sincerely hope they get a new set. I think they have the least modern-looking set in the market right now. Can't attest to it but haven't they had the same set since the mid 90's?

I think WLUK will get a new set, though to a large extent I don't think they really need it. There are a couple areas of the set that look a little dated, but on the whole, it's one of the better ones in the market right now. I think it would look pretty decent in HD.

WFRV is kind of a toss up in my book. If they didn't get one when they went HD, it may be a few years before that happens. I think they could set themselves apart from WBAY with a little brightening up of their set though. Went back and watched another WBAY newscast a week later, and I'm still not sold on their new set. That projection screen behind the anchor desk and the use of reflective flat-screens instead of doing HD graphic overlays makes them look very flat and "college public access". The projection screen is just washed out and murky to me.

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I think your right as to

I think your right as to WGBA's set, if it wasn't the 90s, it was early 2000.

As for WLUK, I think all they really should do is refresh the weather center, it looks like a piece of crap on TV, but other than that, it looks great.

WBAY's new set is very typical of a lot of the new sets built today. An RPS, a small anchor desk, a few flat screens, and put a wall behind it. I though FX Group designed it, they usually do an impressive job with lighting... .

WFRV's main anchor area is probably the highlight of their studio, that is probably because they don't show off the other parts of the studio enough.


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