What is the HD channel you don't get now but want the most?

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Green Bay

What is your number one, desert-island, MUST-HAVE HD channel that you don't already get with your service provider... and why?

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I've got TW HD and for me it

I've got TW HD and for me it would have to be Discovery HD. Besides the ESPN's Discovery is the channel I watch the most. My DVR is full of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

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I would really love to see

I would really love to see the normal feed of discovery in HD... and I'd really like to get the Sci Fi channel in HD... cause Im a big sci fi fan and love some of the shows... though my veiwing has been down since the diminishing Stargate SG-1 viewings...

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Hands down Discovery HD. I

Hands down Discovery HD. I doubt we'll see it anytime soon though, they'll probably be bragging about their last addition (which was great) of two channels for the next few months before they think about adding anything.

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I guess I'd probably say

I guess I'd probably say it's a tie between Food-HD and Discovery-HD. I find those are the two channels I watch the most of.

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Ditto on Discovery and Food

Ditto on Discovery and Food Network. I'd love "Good Eats" in HD!

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Time Warner Cable Really

Time Warner Cable

Really wanted Discovery, but we finally got it :)

#1 station I want and would watch more than any other since I'm a Cubs fan, WGN in HD. I'd also be happy if they offered the MLB package in HD. Would buy the package in HD, but have no desire to pay for the SD package.

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As a local Cubs fan as well,

As a local Cubs fan as well, I would like to see WGN HD, but nowadays WGN only has 2 or 3 games a week on. MLB.TV is a much better option, and I love watching nearly every game every day. Including all the 12:30/45pm ending games the last few nights. With the right setup, you can connect your computer to your TV and end up with a decent picture via their new 1.2 meg connection. Some of the feeds are simply downcoverted HD ones, but they're still in widescreen and look great on a 40" lcd. Better than WGN on channel 001 IMO.

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Yeah, I miss the days when

Yeah, I miss the days when virtually all the games were on WGN. I'm not a Braves fan, but I also miss having most of their games on WTBS.

I've also got the MLB.TV package and watch most games with via my PC hooked up to my plasma. It's amazing what you can do over the net these days. I didn't have the HDTV at the time, but I watched several out of market NCAA tournament games the same way this year. The NCAA feed didn't have near the quality that MLB.TV does, but it was free.

I don't see Time Warner devoting the bandwidth to provide the entire MLB package in HD, so WGN in HD would be the next best thing.

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There are a dozen or more

There are a dozen or more stations I wish I had in HD. When I waged war against cable prices and went OTA only, I gave up the stations I liked to watch. My first pick to get back would be Discovery HD. I miss ALL of the shows! Next would be TLC HD. I miss Overhaulin etc.

Since these are only available on cable and sat systems, I am S.O.L.

I would love to see Fox broadcast FSN North OTA. I would also like to see MSNBC broadcast OTA. Even if these channels were just 480p, I would be very happy to have them as digital channels 11.2 and 26.2.


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Off topic, but this whole

Off topic, but this whole TWC cap issue has got me thinking.

I wonder how much bandwidth I'm using with my MLB.TV package. With WGN only offering 2 or 3 games a week (like Aaron noted), I'm watching 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 games a week via MLB.TV (yes, I watch virtually every game). Add in everything else and I'm really starting to think that my usage may far exceed 40GBs per month.

I think I'm going to have to research and find some type of usage monitoring program to monitor what my usage is in a given month. Knowing that will come in handy if TWC puts those caps in place here and I have to make a choice between providers.

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Sci-Fi - I don't know why,

Sci-Fi - I don't know why, but I love watching horrible B movies. Plus, some of Sci-Fi's original content is really nice. I'd love to see it in HD. I see that U-Verse has Sci-Fi HD...

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Give me USA

Give me USA HD...........During the Olympics, I found this to be just excellent HD.

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I'd like to see local

I'd like to see local channels 14 and 32 in HD on TWC. Especially 32 for Friday Night Smackdown!

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I want the Sci-Fi channel,

I want the Sci-Fi channel, the dark background of space dramas and horror/0myth based movies would benefit from a crisper picture.

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I'd like TWC to add Sci-Fi,

I'd like TWC to add Sci-Fi, USA, FOX Network, Weather Channel, Smithsonian, Bravo. Since we're getting a bump in billing costs, the least they could do is add some more " To the home of FREE HD Channels"

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I WANT MY NFL NETWORK! I don't care if it HD or non HD! JUST GET IT!

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WGN would be nice as well.

WGN would be nice as well.


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