Why do you think cable is trailing so far behind satellite on HD carriage?

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We've all seen the comparisons of HD lineups between cable and satellite, and it's pretty safe to say cable is going to have to play a huge game of catch-up in the coming months.

Why do you think cable is so far behind on this? Money? Limited bandwidth?

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Probably because they are

Probably because they are busy trying to put a spin on how they have the home of free hd when in reality it is not even close to free. You get less channels in general not even including the hd channels for the same cost roughly.

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Probably money. They have

Probably money. They have enormous capital costs and upkeep in each city they serve. The dish companies send up a few very expensive satellites and presto, an entire continent is served! Meanwhile, squirrels chew through above ground wires in my parents neighborhood every few weeks.

Bandwidth may play a part with how many TVs you can watch at once, but I would think that if cable has more than one HD channel, they should be able to carry as many as they want. Perhaps it requires some sort of smart box?


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