WGBA goes viral with on-air prank

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If any local TV station was going to go viral over the internet, it would be none other than NBC26. On the January 3 edition of NBC26 Today, a prank was played on morning meteorologist Brian Niznansky. The director of the show slipped the line "I love lamp" into the teleprompter. This, of course, is from the movie Anchorman.

The video of the prank was featured on several news sites, including Huffington Post, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, MSN (front page yesterday), and Yahoo. It was even featured on an MSNBC news segment. So far, the video has nearly a million hits, and I expect it to exceed that sometime this weekend. Apparently, the whole thing started when someone posted the video to Reddit.

Brian Niznansky seems to be taking all this hoopla fine, according to his Facebook wall. All I can say is, this might actually bring NBC26 more viewers... but then again, it might not.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Was this another of NBC26's multiple unprofessional acts? Or do you think that it's cool to have a local news station go viral?

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This is definitely going to

This is definitely going to define them somehow, I just haven't figured out how yet. It was very unprofessional, and is ranks about number one of countless things they have been doing wrong. I do think having a local station going viral will get them some good publicity, but not locally, I think.

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You have no idea what going

You have no idea what going viral can do for a station.
Recently Replacement refs on the GBA morning show got over 100,000 hits on the web...YouTube..
Think about the hits on their website.
Creative, funny...something you or other stations know little about..

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If they wanted to translate

If they wanted to translate YouTube views to website hits, it might help if they put a link to their website somewhere on the video. Poor station branding. Whoever was operating graphics on that replacement weatherperson segment needs practice too... big-time.


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