Myth of the day: Everyone needs an upconverting DVD player in '09?

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File this local Craiglist ad under "Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

this is a link to the best buy page where we got this. it lists for $91 looking to get $80. This is BRAND NEW. Never taken out of the box. everyone will need one if your DVD is not compatable in '09. Please e-mail with questions.

My brain hurts.  Anyone else's brain hurt?

First of all, I didn't know DVDs magically melted as of next February.  That's some voodoo stuff right there!  So I need an upconverting DVD player before then or I can't play my precious copy of Yellow Submarine ever again?  Shenanigans!  Shenanigans!!!

I think... not!

Whether intentional or not, someone oughta tell this person (or more importantly, the mark who would buy this from her) that her claim is absolute, 100% bunk.  The 2009 digital switch is all about broadcast TV and has absolutely nothing to do with DVDs.  You don't even need one of those fancy Blu ray players in 2009.  However, you can get HD DVD players new for cheaper than this lady is selling this thing for and they work just as well for upconverting!  I'm very much enjoying mine.

And really... the thing lists for $91, and is on sale for $86 at the store.  Can't you drop it a little less than $80?

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