Best area bars and restaurants to watch Big Ten/Badger games?

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Green Bay

Where are the best places in the Fox Valley and Green Bay to watch sports, specifically Badger games on Big Ten Network (if you can't get them at home)?

I'm working on a piece to run later this week.

Posted August 25, 2008 11:06am in
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The Checkered Flag in Darboy

The Checkered Flag in Darboy usually has great HD feeds of the games. Great food at good prices too. Waaay better wings than Buffalo Wild Wings and much better prices too. I think they also just went no smoking recently which is a huge plus. I'm usually there every Sunday during football season to watch Bear games.

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Yeah, Wild Wings is far too

Yeah, Wild Wings is far too smokey- at least it was the first and last time I went there.

Haven't done it too often, but I second the Checkered Flag as a good spot for watching games- it's near my house though, so I'm biased.

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BWW on the east side, (bye

BWW on the east side, (bye Home Depot) has been no smoking since Appleton went no smoking a few years ago. BWW only got HDTV this summer for crying out loud though, they still have tons of standard TVs, but now they have a few HD projectors which usually don't look that great on a Sunday afternoon. Stick to Checkered flag and you'll be happy. Great specials during Packer games too! (if they happen to fall during my Bear games)

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Holidays in the Town of

Holidays in the Town of Menasha (off of CB) is pretty good. It opened a little less than a year ago. They have theater/stadium style room with a ton of Big Screens up for all the games. Aaron if you are a Bear fan the upstairs is designated as the Bear Den and will broadcast the Bears games up there.

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I've heard about Holidays -

I've heard about Holidays - Do they allow smoking up in the den? I'd definitely prefer no smoking. Also, how busy does it usually get? Thanks for the tips!

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They allow smoking on the

They allow smoking on the first floor only at the bar. Everywhere like the dining area and the Bears Den are no smoking. I just copied this from their website

First Floor: Features a main area that will have all the pro and college sports action on our video wall full with two big screens and 50 inch monitors. Watch all PACKERS, BADGERS, BREWERS and CUBS action with gameday audio for the die-hard fan! The NFL ticket will be your ticket for all games no matter your rooting interest!

2nd Floor: Indoor area will showcase more sports action. Hey Cubs fans! The 2nd floor will be your Cubs DEN for all Chicago Cubs Games during the MLB season on the big screen with gameday audio!

"The second floor is all non-smoking and a great place to have lunch or dinner with the family."

Rooftop Patio: Kickback with some Holiday's Parrot Punch and take in the sounds of Jimmy Buffett and others on our outdoor rooftop venue with a tropical feel!

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I've heard good things about

I've heard good things about Holidays. I'm not a Bears fan, but I may have to head over there for a Cubs game some time.


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