Thoughts on 3D TV due to arrive June 2010

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Wanted to get peoples thoughts on the upcoming 3D TVs due to arrive this summer.

There are a few facts on the subject:
*Directv seems to be the only service provider that is going to offering 3D TV for the time being.
*Directv said it is working with ESPN, Discovery, CBS, Fox Sports/FSN, Golden Boy Promotions (boxing promotional firm), HDNet, MTV, NBC Universal and Turner Broadcasting to develop 3D programming that will debut this year or next year.
*Panasonic will sponsor Directv's 3D effort for the first year. While Sony will sponsor ESPN and Discovery/IMAX..
*Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba and Sharp have announced 3D TVs coming this year.
*Each 3D TV will come with one pair of glasses.
*There is talk of the potential 3D games especially on the PS3
*3D cameras and camcorder have been announced as coming this year.

Personally I don't really see this catching on. I do not care enough about 3D to put up with wearing 3D glasses. I could maybe see playing games in 3D or maybe certain movies but general TV no.

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I think there was at least

I think there was at least one cable operator that was going to offer 3D, but it was either Cox or Comcast I believe. The way I watch TV, it's either in the background while working on the computer, or laying down on the couch. I can't see using 3D very much at all in the home, and certainly not enough to justify buying a new specialty TV and special cable or satellite service to get it. If I want to see something in 3D, it will give me incentive to see it in a theater. I'd probably even be happy with the cheap paper glasses that come in some 3D DVD or Blu-ray releases (ie. "Coraline").

3D video gaming might be another matter, but not one that's big enough to make me replace my Xbox 360 anytime soon.

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I thought I saw that

I thought I saw that somewhere too but I couldn't seem to find a reference to confirm it. The vast majority of the chatter is about Directv. I want to say it was Comcast which wouldn't surprise me considering they seem to be the most proactive Cable Provider in terms of launching new products and features through their entire territory at a fairly speedy pace.

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3D TV will not work. I'm

3D TV will not work. I'm sorry. It's just stupid. Consumers are not going to spend 2k on a TV when they can get the same model in non 3D for less that 1k. They're also not going to spend $90 each on advanced glasses for the entire family, then have to wear them. I’m sure the glasses take batteries. It would be great to be halfway through a movie then the batteries run out.

There's just so many reasons why this is technology is doomed. Virtual Boy anyone? Stupid 3-D Games at Funset?

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As a Virtual Boy owner, I say

As a Virtual Boy owner, I say "how dare you sir!"

(Kidding of course.)

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Haha, I'm just glad somebody

Haha, I'm just glad somebody remembers that. I remember playing a game of tennis on it at Toys R Us once. It was cool for the first two and a half minutes, then I just wanted to go back to playing two player Road Rash on Sega.

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I remember playing some sort

I remember playing some sort of flying game on it at the old Electric Avenue store in Appleton when it was available. I think that's how most people remember the Virtual Boy... playing it for a couple minutes in a store then forgetting about it for ten years.

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Count me out. I might be

Count me out. I might be willing to go to someone elses house to watch a certain show in 3D, but I most likely would never buy one. Heck, how many 3D movies have I gone to in the theater in my life??? ONE (and perhaps Avatar in the near future!)

It just doesn't interest me much. It might, if it was perfect, but I can't say that I have ever seen 3D anywhere near perfect.


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I was sceptical about 3D

I was sceptical about 3D until I saw Suess Electronics Appleton Demo of 3D Blu-ray, IM SOLD NOW! They had the same 73" I own on display and it looked beautiful, I cant wait for Mitusbishi's 3D blu-ray Legacy Adapter. Announced from CES 2010. I will never go to another 3D movie again if its in my theater room at home! Im lovin it.


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