Best way to run coax cable around a door?

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Here's a question for everybody out there...

In our bedroom, the cable jack is on one wall and the TV is on another, and there's a bathroom door in between. There's really no way to move the room around to put the TV on the wall with the jack, so I need to get coax cable around or under the door to the TV.

Any ideas for how to subtly run coax around the door or other ways to run cable without it getting in the way? Preferably without doing any damage to the floors, walls, etc. I don't think the TWC installer will be able to / can do anything for us in this regard, so I have to find my own way to make this work.

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Mark, I had a similar


I had a similar situation in my old apartment. The Cable Modem was in the bedroom and I wanted to connect my GameCube to my Ethernet switch which was a doorway and a long hallway away in the living room.

I ended up running CAT5 under the carpet the whole way, including past the doorway. I pulled up the carpet along the door frame and fed the cable under as far a I could. Then I pulled up the other side of the carpet and managed to pull the cable through.

I was originally worried about a bump or someone hurting their foot if they walked on the cable, but it worked out fine and you could barely feel the cord. Of course this all depends on the thickness of your carpet and if you have a decent pad underneath. If you're lucky you might even be able to get under the pad to hide the lump even more.

CAT5 is far more flexible than COAX so it should be much easier than what I had to go through.

Be careful if you do go the under-the-carpet route. Sometimes there are nails & staples along the floor trim.

Good luck.

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Agree, Use a pliers to pull

Agree, Use a pliers to pull the edge of the carpet loose from the tack strip on each side of the door and slip the coax through (could use a wooden dowel or similar object and some tape to help pull the cable through). It can be tricky to do sometimes but it works well and it is much easier on the eyes then a cable around the door frame. Also you could run the cable all the way following the edge of the carpet because there is approximately a 1/2" gap between the wall and the tack strip for the carpet. Just don't pull loose to much carpet at a time because when the carpet is installed it is usually stretched a little before it is put on the tack strip and you will have a tough time getting it back to the way it was before.

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Did you get it figured out

Did you get it figured out Mark?

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Not just yet. Mainly

Not just yet. Mainly concentrated on getting things set up in the living room with the DVR, hard drive and IR extender.

Might end up getting some white RG6 coax and some 3M command cable clips and running it around the door frame. Noticeable, but not bad if it's all white. I have a bad track record pulling up carpeting, so that's not an option.

Meanwhile, the DVR, hard drive and IR extender are set up and working perfectly. That IR extender was a great investment. Now we have our DVR, modem and router tucked on tiered shelving behind the TV out of sight. Plugged the Fantom hard drive in and it immediately recognized it and asked to format it for use. Haven't gotten all my shows set up to record yet to test it out but will soon. Road Runner bumped up to 7MB too, so all appears well.

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I clicked on this blog while

I clicked on this blog while searching some reference material on travelling to a new location. I liked your post and freshness of your ideas

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Here's a trick i've used in

Here's a trick i've used in previous apartments. When done with care, it yields professional results. I've done this with both LAN and COAX cable, with great results for both.

- Get a wire hanger and unwind it at the hook so its just a wire. Then *carefully* bend it at the corner closest to the non-hanger (looks like a pigs-tail instead of the U-shape) so that its straight. Take the pig-tail and just below where the spiral is, bend it back do it makes a sharp hook. This is your "fish wire." (If you have fish-tape, use it instead lol).

- Get a box cutter or carpet cutter. Visualize a line betw where the outlet is and where the wire need to end up across the carpet.

- Start by pulling just about enough of the carpet up under the outlet for the wire to get thru. Then along your visualized path, cut a small hole in the carpet about a foot from the outlet.

- Stick ur fish wire in and *carefully* slide it to where u pulled the carpet up. This requires a good bit of patience, and it require that your fish wire be as straight as possible. DO NOT yank the fish wire around, as you will snag the padding and thats not fun. Try to avoid doing that alltogether.

- Attach the cable in the "piggy-tail hook" u made. Use pliers to clamp it as tight a possible and as close to the end of the cable as possible. Tuck it all under with ur hand, and *carefully* slide it through, as if sewing. It helps if u have someone take a pair of pliers and lift the carpet area where ur pulling thru, to prevent snagging. DO NOT pull the cable through the hole, just close enough to disengage your hook.

- Go down your imaginary line another foot to 2 feet (depending on your skill and whats under the carpet. The longer the distance between each thread, the more likely it will snag. Greater distances can be achieved with a really long and carefully made hanger, or professional fish tape, and someone to lift the carpet along the way), cut a small hole and repeat the process.

** If you get stuck, dont yank. Use pliers to lift the carpet from the floor (not off it, just pull it up so theres space to move the cable). Gently wiggle the thing around until unstuck. If you lose the cable (it unhooks from the fish wire, pull it back to the previous hole, pull you hook back and start again **

- To terminate, either bring the cable up out of the carpet at the baseboard (just like you put it in), or out of a hole in the carpet (nice if you wanna run straight up into an entertainment center/cabinet or something). Pull the cable through slowly.

- Hook the cable up and make sure it works!

- To "set" the cable (make it less noticable), either vacuum along your cable, or have a mixer where people will be walking all over it, or you can just walk on it and let it set over time. CAT cable doesnt usually have the issue unless you have multiple wires. COAX is a bit more solid so its easier to notice ur walking on it.

Like someone said above, be carful along the edges. Ive pricked meself a plenty of times dealing with those darn carpet tacks.

Hope this helps!


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You can carefully pull the

You can carefully pull the door trim and run the cable around the door frame. There should space in the rough opening around the door to do this. You may need to trim back shims where they get in the way of the cable (don't remmove the shim or cut it back beyon the nail or screw that holds the frame - just cut it back to allow the cable run to continue). Once routed, replace the trim. You may need to touch up nail holes with a little filler, paint or stain.


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