Clear QAM still functional on Time Warner Cable in Northeast Wisconsin?

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Right now I'm in contemplative mode, weighing my options because I'm not terribly happy with what I'm getting from Time Warner considering what I'm paying.

The only service I'm eligible for with U-Verse is Internet, but I don't want to foot a $100 charge for the gateway, and my house isn't currently wired (at least on the inside) for phone service.

Right now I'm on the 2 MB tier of Road Runner, which worked fine for me considering I've historically gotten about twice the speed I was paying for. I bumped down to the 2 MB tier to save some money and was still getting upwards of 12 MB downstream until recently when I now seem to be stuck around 3 MB. Of course I'm not tickled about the $4/mo upcharge for modem rental but I'm working on getting one I found at Goodwill a few years ago for a couple bucks up and running to replace my TWC-issued model.

I'm considering going from the $43-ish a month for the 2 MB tier to the 20 MB Turbo plus basic TV bundle for $49-ish (for 12 months, unfortunately, as is the fickle way of the industry). My only question (for which TWC was no help) is whether clear QAM for HD channels is still working in Northeast Wisconsin. I currently use Amazon VOD and Hulu and a Windows Media Center for recording broadcast TV, but my reception isn't terribly good. The four tuners in my Media Center are ATSC only and I believe they're clear QAM capable, so if I could use cable to supply my broadcast TV and get better Internet for a few bucks more, I'd be reasonably happy (at least for 12 months).

Anyone know?

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Clear QAM for the local HDs

Clear QAM for the local HDs is still working on TWC, but I expect that will change sometime next year. I got a notice just last week stating that a couple of channels are moving from analog to digital in December and that I need to order a digital adapter for any analog only TVs in order to continue to receive those channels. If this follows the pattern that TWC has used at other places in the country, this is likely the first step towards killing all analog and then eventually encrypting the digital signal once analog is gone.


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In light of Time Warner's new "modem lease fee" for Road Runner, will you buy your own modem?:

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