Digital tuner changes for Time Warner?

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I'm currently not a cable customer with Time Warner, but I saw this on their website today:

If you receive channels through a digital tuner and not a TWC converter or cable card, you will need to retune your digital tuner or TV on 9/23 to continue receiving all of your local channels.

Anyone done this recently?  Notice any major differences?  I know they periodically move around the digital QAM channels, but I'm wondering if this affects anything on their "basic/standard" tiers.

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I really don't know what

I really don't know what this is. I guess it would be if you are using a digital tuner in a newer TV to receive their QAM channels? Or do they sell stand alone digital tuners that you can hook up to your TV?

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It should be for the digital

It should be for the digital tuner built into your tv. They have been moving a lot of channels over to digital channels and you can pick them up with your digital tuner. This also include the ABC, CBS, and NBC in HD but non of the other HD channels. It was a pain in the but to use the digital channels though through the tv as all the channel numbers were different so hard to remember what was on what.

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getting ready for new

getting ready for new channel launches...

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Time Warner rescheduled

Time Warner rescheduled first QAM move to occur on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.
“If you currently receive your local broadcast channels through a digital tuner and not a TWC converter or cable card, you will need to retune/reset your digital tuner or digital TV on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 in order to continue receiving some of your local channels.”

Display channel Display channel
Current New
Service Current
WBAY HD 112-1 2-1
WBAY Weather 112-2 2-2
Retro TV 112-4 2-5
WFRV HD 90.3 5-1
WGBA HD 112-3 26-1
WPT 90-4 38-1
The WI channel 90-5 38-2
Create 90-2 38-3
PBS Kids 90-6 38-4
PBS HD 90-1 38-5

How do I retune my Digital TV?

On the remote press menu, Select auto program or
Press menu, Select setup, Select auto program
The Retuning Process can take 15-30 minutes depending on your TV.

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Thanks for the info,

Thanks for the info, captjc!

This is something long overdue and it'll make it really easy for those with digital TVs to get the locals without a cable box. Very glad to see that happen!

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I have a question about

I have a question about this.

I live in San Diego, and have Directv. So, I have no experience with using clear QAM signals on cable.

But my mother lives in Green Bay, and Time Warner standard cable is included in her rent. She does not have a cable box. She was just using an analog TV. On Tuesday, she got a Toshiba 32 in LCD (32AV500U), which includes a QAD tuner. Mom is not technical savy. She is afraid to enter anything on her remote, because she my "screw up" the TV and make it unusable.

When it is said that "you will need to retune/reset your digital tuner or digital TV", I assume that "auto channel search" will accomplish this. In other words, when you search for "regular" cable channels, the TV will also search for the QAM channels.

I noticed on Time Warners web site, it looks like they use channel 703 with their set top boxes for WBAY HD. The message above states that WBAY HD is on channel 112-1 on the cable system. And of course, WBAY HD is on virtual channel 2-1.

So, am I correct in assuming that Time Warner does not modify the virtual channel, so that WBAY HD is still indentified as virtual channel 2-1 on the cable system? Does that mean after your TV is done scanning for channels, you select WBAY HD by entering 2-1?


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When you see on TWC's

When you see on TWC's website that WBAY HD is on channel 703, that is assuming you are using a cable box.

The channel numbers for digital locals on a QAM tuner will be different than what you would use on their cable box. Thusly, if your mother does a channel scan, besides the normal channels (2-74), she will most likely see digital channels as well. They will be "xxx-xx". So she should see 2-1, 2-2, 26-1, etc. If she does not, make sure that she has her TV set on "cable" as the source instead of "antenna."

I hope that helps!

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wbay hd from 112-1

wbay hd from 112-1 to 2-1
wbay weather from 122-2 to 2-2
Retro TV 112-4 to 2-5
WFRV HD 90-3 to 5-1
WGBA HD 112-3 to 26-1
WPT (simulcast of off air ch. 38) 90-4 to 38-1
The WI channel 90-5 to 38-2
Create 90-2 to 38-3
PBS Kids 90-6 to 38-4
PBS HD 90-1 to 38-5

these are the moves(may have changed) hope this helps!

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We have a QAM tuner and I've

We have a QAM tuner and I've done thru the auto re-program of the channels twice and I'm still not getting my digital channels anymore. I'm getting the Time Warner information text on the screen (on my digital channels) stating that if I receive local broadcasts through a digital tuner or TV that I have to retune my digital tuner - the message will go away 10/31/08. None of the prior channels (i.e. 1-4 NBC 4) do not work anymore. But when I leave it on say 1-4 a message finally appears (digital channel signal strength is low). Isn't this a Time Warner issue?


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It definitely sounds like a

It definitely sounds like a signal strength issue. I would call Time Warner and have it checked out.

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I just bought a new LCD TV

I just bought a new LCD TV and decided to hook it up without a cable box (time warner). I did a scan and picked up about 40 digital channels. One of the channels was Fear.Net (Wishmaster - Uncut (bad movie)). Later on the channel disappeared so I scanned again and it picked up a whole different group of channels. Is this normal? It almost seemed like I was picking up more channels during the day then I did at night. Does anyone know if there is a list of channels that we are suppose to be getting.


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