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Recently moved and because the old Cable/DVR/HD box was outdated they gave me a new one. Much better picture with this one and happy with the added storage for DVR shows, but it is driving me nuts in order to control the volume I have to do MODE TV and then if I want to access the GUIDE/LIST/SETTINGS etc I have to use MODE CBL. I have a VIZIO tv and have tried the codes that are in the pamphlet I have tried to reset the box and start fresh and NOTHING helps. Any suggestions?

Posted March 28, 2010 6:00pm in
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There is a way to set the

There is a way to set the remote to use the TV for controlling volume. I have it set so that my home theater receiver controls volume. Which remote do you have? Is it the black one? (RT-U64CP -- it will say at the bottom of the remote under the logo)

Also, which model DVR did they give you? Is it the 8300HDC or a different one?

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Yes 8300 HDC and the

Yes 8300 HDC and the RT-U64CP.

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1. Press [CBL] and [SEL]

1. Press [CBL] and [SEL] together until the [CBL] button lights up.
2. Press [VOL +] then [TV]. It should blink three times.

Then go Mode/CBL and try the volume and guide buttons and see if they all work in cable mode. I'm guessing this should work. You might have gotten a previously-used remote and someone set it weird. It usually defaults to control TV volume.

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