Food Network freezing up on Time Warner Cable?

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Last night, I was watching "Good Eats" around 7:30 on Food Network on Time Warner Cable. I was watching it on my Media Center and the channel just froze inexplicably for several minutes. I thought maybe my Media Center crashed completely, as has happened before, but I was able to control it and tune other channels successfully. Now it appears I'm not the only one who's experienced it. I just got an e-mail from a friend of mine asking if I've seen Food Network freeze up on Time Warner. He's been seeing it the last couple days.

Anyone else have any channels simply freeze up on them?

Posted April 23, 2008 2:06pm in
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I've been noticing it on a

I've been noticing it on a more frequent basis as time goes on. It started with me at least on the HD channels (especially FSN-WI-HD), but I soon saw it happen on the sd channels, Food Network included. I've also experienced where the picture freezes, but the audio keeps on going, then the picture "breaks through" the frozen image in a sea of blocks and keeps going. This happens maybe once every 10 minutes on FSN-WI. I called and had them reset my box, but clearly it hasn't helped the issue. I intend to call them back in the near future and see what is going on, but I'm giving it a bit of time to see if it fixes itself.

As an example I flipped to History-HD and about 2 minutes after I turned to it, it got stuck on a Mercedes-Benz commercial. I waited two minutes, then flipped the channel and came back and it was working again. Perhaps it's a box issue, I don't know.

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I had this happening to me

I had this happening to me on the HD channels about a week and a half ago. It happened on every HD channel. It was right before I went to work so I just left and hoped it would be working again when I got him but the issue was still there. I unplugged the box for a min or 2 and I haven't had the problem since. Not quite sure what the deal is.

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I've noticed this too, once

I've noticed this too, once it was really bad on ESPN-U while a Phoenix game was on. The video froze every minute or so, and had a "tile" effect at other times. Maybe Time Warner wasn't receiving a clean feed of the channel themselves. I'd think that if this would happen on EVERY digital channel you have, then it might be a poor connection into your home.

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I had the freezing problem

I had the freezing problem earlier this week when attempting to watch a Brewers game in HD on Channel 740. Was freezing up every few minutes or so for the first hour of the game. Became so frustrated that I gave up trying to watch it on HD and switched over to digital (1713) where I encountered no problem whatsoever. Very annoying!!!

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This is an on-going problem

This is an on-going problem and there seems to be a growing number of channels involved and more frequent occurences.

I've contacted TW on many occasions about this issue and each time, they offer to send someone out to look at my cable box. After arguing with them that the problem is widespread and not isolated to my cable connection, they finally advised it was the network that had the issue.

Regardless who is at fault, I pay TW each month and not individual networks therefore, if there is a problem, it would make sense that TW do their due diligence in resolving it.


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