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Just a little note to let regular readers here know that I've had to drop Time Warner Cable service due to some personal budgetary tightening, so for the time being, I'm operating on an antenna only.

If people here notice anything noteworthy going on with their Time Warner Cable service in the Northeast Wisconsin area, send us a line at tips@foxcitiestv.com and let us know!

Posted June 28, 2010 9:52am in
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I think that is great Mark.

I think that is great Mark. More people would be wise to drop cable TV in order to allocate more money to building an emergency fund and paying off debt. Go all gazelle crazy like, as Dave Ramsey says. Plus, maybe broadcast TV would improve too as content providers would see a larger audience there.

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So far it's been pretty good,

So far it's been pretty good, although we ended up sending back our TiVo HD because they kept failing on us. The first one bricked up on a system update and the second one started repeatedly rebooting or getting stuck on a blank grey screen (though luckily before our 30-day guarantee was up!)

Right now we're sans DVR, though I'm looking at refurbishing the Windows Vista Media Center PC I built a couple years ago and stopped using. We have a 65-mile range antenna in our attic, which seems a bit like overkill living in West Green Bay. After tweaking it a bit, I'm getting 95% or so on the major channels, and maybe 70-80% on WIWB or WACY. The weird thing is we're getting 95-100% on WBAY, but we're getting 80-85 on WPNE, and it dips lower and drops out from time to time. Not sure why that happens, as they share a transmission tower.

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I live on the west side of De

I live on the west side of De Pere and JUST got a new TiVo HD receiver tonight. I notice that my signal strength isn't the best with an indoor amplified antenna, about 60% for all the channels. It is just enough to not really have any issues.

I wanted to comment though that it does seem like WPNE has issues. This was the hardest signal for me to get locked. I was able to lock all the other channels in higher than they are right now (all were in the 70-80% range), but then WPNE didn't work. Not sure what the issue is with them.

Either way, very satisfied with my TiVo... so far the technical part of it has been alright, knock on wood. The initial startup and installation of the receiver took forever, but once it was rolling... this box runs as smoooth as silk. I won't miss Time Warner and them taking $50 out of my pocket, especially since I will be able to watch SOMETHING all the time with this TiVo....


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