Good universal remote for Time Warner DVRs

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Using a wireless remote control extender to access my HD DVR in a second room of the house. I'm looking for a good (hopefully cheap) universal remote to use in the second room that gives me most of the same functions of the Synergy V remote Time Warner issues with their DVRs. The couple cheap ones I have do some functions but not others.

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I picked up a Harmony 890 on

I picked up a Harmony 890 on eBay for just over $100. Not cheap, but it goes through walls like a champ. Works real well in my home theater.

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I use a Harmony One and

I use a Harmony One and highly recommend it. It is quite expensive however. I would think that lesser Harmony remotes would work quite well also and you can find some for as little as $60-70. I also loved my last remote, the very highly regarded Home Theater Master MX500. The last one I bought and installed for a friend cost about $50. It is old technology (I bought my first one about 10 years ago) but it still handles everything I own if I choose to use it. You could try to find one on Amazon.

Hey! here it is:

Although this price is much more expensive than the last few I bought...either they are scarce or Amazon is simply playing with prices again. I bought my Harmony One with a free PS3 Bluetooth controller for $190, now the two have a combined price of nearly $290.



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