Guess what? Time Warner has HD carriage rights to 53 channels, 20 more pending

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This was an interesting little tidbit from

In an investors call to Wall Street recently, Time Warner Cable execs revealed the cable operator now has HD carriage agreements with 53 -- that's right, 53(!!) -- networks, and 20 more are pending.

Time Warner franchises are pretty independent of each other. Some in other areas have channels we don't just yet, so it looks like the ball is squarely in the Appleton/Green Bay branch's court. Hopefully switched digital video is coming along, so some of those can get picked up sooner rather than later.

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Competition is a good thing.

Competition is a good thing. I just subscribed to DirecTV since it appears that I will get a better deal based on continuing costs after promotional periods are over. The HD looks great in my opinion. I can't compare it to TWC since we never had their digital cable package. I would hope that since they charge a rental rate $3 higher than DirecTV that their customers would get some additional benefit.

I'm not all that interested in their VOD since that is pretty much we we have the DVR instead.

Now if we could just get Fox on both systems in HD.....


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