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Contemplating getting Time Warner service again (since AT&T is taking their sweet, sweet time building out to De Pere, it seems). Thinking about what to get and had a question about the HD channels and hope current HD customers, or TWC employees who float around here, can answer.

Previously when I had TWC digital basic service, I could get all the non-premium (and non-"HD theater") HD channels regardless of whether the standard equivalents of those channels were part of the basic channel tier. Examples would be Science Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel and ESPN News.

Is it still the case that I can get ALL the non-premium HD channels on digital basic? Or do I need digital standard if I want Science HD, for example?

Curious because my fiance loved Science Channel when I had it, and I would love Planet Green HD when TWC adds it (like their channel notice suggests, fingers crossed).

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I'm not sure which digital

I'm not sure which digital level we get, but it must be digital basic which is up to about channel 98ish, we don't get anything over 100. With that, we do get Science, Hallmark, and ESPN News in HD even though we do not get thier SD counterparts. They tried to sell us on 5 bucks more a month to get an additonal 100 SD channels but I told them we would have no use for them. The only channels we don't get are the premiums (obviously).

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that would be digital basic

that would be digital basic and the Speed channel is included in that HD group.

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Standard service is channels

Standard service is channels 98 and below. Basic would be channels 13 and below. I know you get them with the standard package but not sure if you get them with basic service too. Also you can not get those HD channels on standard service without a converter box (at least not with my TV) with the exception of local channels. I am guessing you might not be able to get those HD channels on basic service because they install traps to block the channels you are not paying for. Most of the channels above 100 are encrypted and need a converter box to view them along with that package added to your account.

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Not sure but the online chat

Not sure but the online chat feature on Time Warner's website is really nice for questions like this. The questions I have had were always quickly answered on there.

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This is the information from

This is the information from their rate brochure:

"Free HD Channels with Digital Packages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FREE
WBAY, WFRV, WGBA, WPNE, Big Ten Network, GOLF/Versus,
ESPN2, ESPN, A&E, National Geographic, History, TNT, TBS, CNN,
Discovery, HD Theater, HGTV, FSN WI, TLC, Animal Planet, FOX
News, Food Network, ABC Family, Palladia, Disney, Science, Hallmark
Movie Channel and ESPNEWS. Requires HD converter and HD set"

I believe they've added Travel, FX, Lifetime, Sci Fi, Versus and Speed after they printed this brochure.

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Mark- Here is the TWC


Here is the TWC line-up as per their site:


I get the HD Pkg ( HD Net, HD Net Movies, Universal HD) we pay for it.

HBO HD,SHO HD,MAX HD, STARZ HD and their "on Demand" are pay channels. As you can see, the link shows the balance of their HD programming is "free"

Among my choices, I'll go with TWC......more quality programming and better and more responsive service.

I'm only a customer--------------not an employee.

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the way it works, is if you

the way it works, is if you have the lineup basic/std which is chns 1-98, doesnt include science chn, than you wont get it in hd, you have to have the package for the original chn, to get the hd version of it, so you would need the upgrade to Digital Std to get the science chn in hd.hope this helps


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