Program freezing on USA HD 12/4

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We had the series finale of "Monk" set up on USA HD last night and twice during the program, the DVR started acting funny, like it was sluggish and unresponsive. The program seemed to be incredibly messed up, freezing up considerably while the sound struggled to stay going at a normal rate. I thought maybe our DVR was starting to lose a hard drive or something. So we went downstairs to watch it on our other HD DVR, and the same exact symptoms and program freezing occurred there too, almost carbon copy of the first DVR. Guessing it was a problem with USA HD itself and not our cable, as we were watching another channel at the time this was recording on both DVRs.

Anyone else get this or a similar situation?

Posted December 4, 2009 11:05pm in
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Mark, I, too, recorded this


I, too, recorded this when you did. I had some fluttering and pixelization, so I just stopped it.
I re-recorded the same episode on one of the following nites, and it was just fine.
If you have this happen again, try recording whatever show on a following nite. It's always worked for me.

Also, I find if I'm experiencing these on a recorded show, I'll stop it, turn off HD DVR and then re-boot. This also seems to resolve the issue.


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