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how many of you have switched from Time Warner to DirecTV? I pay $50 a month for my Time Warner, which includes all the HD channels. I get the HBO and Showtime HD channels for free for complaining about a lack of HD channels..lol

Anyways, I didnt drop a few thousand dollars for a few decent HD channels like Time Warner is offering. I'd much rather have 63 HD channels like DirecTV offers. So how much can I expect my bill to be if I want all those HD channels? What are the rest of you paying. Thanks!

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I don't have DirecTV myself

I don't have DirecTV myself (cannot have a dish at my apartment) but I think you'll expect to spend at least $40-45 a month.

Usually the lowest-priced packages they advertise are in the $29.99 range, and their "HD Access" charge is another ten dollars. The HD Extra Pack is another five dollars, if you want the "HD-only" networks like Universal HD and MHD (the channels that don't have standard-def counterparts).

Bare in mind also, many "HD" channels right now aren't "total" HD. By that I mean, some programming isn't shown in HD because it wasn't shot in HD. Some networks like TBS HD and ABC Family HD feature older shows like "Full House" which weren't shot in HD, and are either windowboxed within your widescreen frame, or are artificially stretched to fill out the frame.

Certain networks like MGM HD are 100% HD content though.

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I made the switch to DirecTV

I made the switch to DirecTV last month. At TWC I had on HD-DVR and two other TV's with just analog signal, which dont get all the channels and at the time only 16 HD channels.

Now with DirecTV I gained another HD box and all three TV's get the same programming. Plus I gain A whole lot more HD channels.

The best part... I am paying the SAME amount of money. Actually for the next 12 months it is about 20 dollars cheaper.

So overall I think DirecTV has TWC beat by a mile, especially in the HD world. There is a point that they are not "Total" HD but at least they are making the effort. I just came to the point that I feel the only way I could make an impact was to move to the provider that was making the best effort with HD and TWC is just not cutting it.

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Not to defend TWC (even

Not to defend TWC (even though they're the only provider I have access to where I live), but I think they are now in the position where they can start rolling out more HD.

And I *really* hope they do.

I think the biggest hurdle to overcome was the bandwidth limitations. But with switched digital video in place and (from what I've heard) running smoothly, I think they have the ability to go whole-hog on HD before too long.

And I *really* hope they do.

They have many deals already in place. They needed space, and I think they've got it now.

Bear in mind, DirecTV and Dish both have limitations as well. That's why they've gotta keep shooting up satellites left and right to add space. Dish had to nix 15 Voom HD channels to make room for their new crop of 20 channels. Until Dish and DirecTV enable new satellites, I think they're maxed on bandwidth. (DirecTV's been saying "SOON" on ABC Family HD for months now...)

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Now that I have gone to

Now that I have gone to DirecTV its going to take more than HD channels to make me come back to TWC

1) User interface (GUI for lack of a better term). Much cleaner and I have it on all my rooms now. If I add this service on all TV's with TWC it will cost me more

2) Extra DVR box at no charge. From what I can tell this will cost me more with TWC.

3) DVR interface better. In my opinion the call recording process is a lot cleaner and it works all the time. With TWC it would occasionally not record when it felt like it. Ultimately I would like to see one DVR box for the whole house but that is probably a ways out.

4) Picture Quality. Absolutely better on the two "analog" TV's with having a digital box. I will have to say my 60" Sony is getting a better picture also in HD.

5) Customer service. Usually I would say I was comparing apples to apples but when I called to cancel cable, but keep phone and internet service (which I told them I was very happy with) I got an attitude from them and a "scripted" ploy to keep my service with them. Felt like I was talking to a robot with PMS. That is branded in my brain. Because of that call I am looking into alternatives for my phone and internet.

Things with DirecTV:

1) You have a contract. But usually it takes a year for you to get a feel if the service will work for you. Plus you are usually on a reduced rate for the first year.

2) Service going out in bad weather. I had this happen ONCE and it took a REALLY bad storm to do it and it was not out for long. This is a HUGE improvement from my past experiences with DirecTV. I am not sure how it will handle in the winter but time will tell.

3) Watch your first bill (I say this with anything new you buy). My first bill had a feature or product on there I did not want and told the sales person I didnt but a simple call removed it and I got credit for my inconvienence.

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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Again, I would totally love to try a satellite service if I could, but I don't have access to the outside of my apartment to have a Dish put out. I would be leary of the contract part of it, but I do agree that you'd want to stick around for a certain amount of time regardless to see if you like it.


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