Time Warner pushing out HD DVR updates, bug fixes?

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So I'm flipping through channels on my 8300 HDC HD DVR tonight and I decide to tune to 1102 (HD Showcase On Demand) to check out if there's any new episodes and it stutters and says it's temporarily unavailable.  It seems to lock up so I turn it off, but the picture remains on my screen.  I decide to unplug and reboot the thing to fix the problem, but I can tell it's doing something... weird...

Usually it says "boot" on the front panel and I'll see a "PowerTV" logo on my TV while it's booting.  The box will go dark for a minute or two then the clock comes on, telling me it's OK to turn it on.  Instead of doing that, it starts doing this weird countdown sequence of numbers and letters (pictured, top) for about five minutes.  It goes dark again for a little bit, then starts alternating "cArd" and dnLd" (pictured, bottom) for about 10 minutes.  It reboots itself and goes through its usual sequence.

Me, being the inquisitive soul I am, decide the Google this thing and see what might be going on, considering it's something I've never seen before, and I've had 8300HD's and 8300HDC's before.  I come across this post on AVS Forum from about a month ago, talking about the 8300HDC and Comcast.  It said:

Last night I tried to access VOD and it froze, so I rebooted my 8300 HDC (vol+, vol-, info buttons on the box, too lazy to unplug). The LED on the box alternated between "DNLD" and "CARD". So I turned the power on the box and the screen said it was downloading a firmware update for the CableCard. It finished in less than five minutes, then restarted my box. I only watched TV for an hour or so after the update, but there were no picture freezes or audio dropouts. I'm not saying that they may have fixed the problem with an update to the CableCard, but it is possible. I'll probably know tonight while watching the Red Sox game (3 hour chunk of time). If I have no problems then I'd have to assume the update fixed the problem.

It continued:

Just to update, it's been three days now, and all of the problems are now non-existant. Nore more sound dropout, no more picture freezing, and no more VOD lockups. So it seems the problem actually is in the CableCard firmware, not the 8300 HDC. Keep in mind that in order to get the firmware update, I had to reset my box, which means powering it off and then back on. Might be worth a try to see if it's available in your area yet. Good luck all.

Now I don't work for Time Warner and I couldn't say 100% for certain, but I'm willing to bet that they are pushing some sort of an update to the 8300HDC.  I didn't turn on the box during its update so I don't know what it might have said, but "cArd dnLd" seems like a pretty good sign."  I'll have to play with it a bit more, but I can already tell some things are different.  (Luckily, it's not Navigator...... yet.......)  One of my biggest pet peeves with the 8300HDC so far had been the fact that it wouldn't hold your place when you watch a DVR'ed program and turned off the box.  When you turned it back on, it would start from the beginning, which the 8300HD didn't do.  Now, it seems to hold your place.  I can't say for sure, but it appears like it's not skipping or dropping out audio like it used to on DVR'ed programs.  I don't know of any shows on my box right now that did (as it was hit or miss before), but I've played a few different shows with varying times since they've been recorded, and nothing has skipped or dropped out.

If this is, in fact, a software update, I can tell you as a first-hand 8300HDC user that it's well overdue.  If someone from Time Warner knows (and is at liberty to talk shop), send an email or comment our way and let us know.  Hopefully this is a harbinger for good things to come.

Anyone else seeing this?  This might be one you have to manually power down and reboot your box to see (at least from the AVS Forum post).  Let us know!

UPDATE 1:  After about 15 minutes of putting my 8300HDC through the paces, one improvement I'm seeing is in the speed of channel changing.  Before, changing channels was sometimes slow, and was definitely slow when changing between an HD channel and an SD channel (or even between some HD channels to others).  It would just seem sluggish and twitchy (yes, those are my technical terms).  Now everything looks pretty snappy and fluid, no matter what channel you start on or switch to.  I had thought that it was a bad reaction between the 8300HDC and a switched digital video platform in its infancy, but perhaps this is an indication that things are finally ready for primetime.  (Again, purely my speculation here, but definitely an improvement!)

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I had this "card download"

I had this "card download" two weeks ago. I didn't realize what was happening (the box froze up) so I called TWC. The tech on the other end had no idea what was happening and scheduled a service visit. Once the download completed, the box came back to life and I canceled the service visit.

Since that time, my box is SLOWER (not faster) than before. Channel changing and info retrieving can be as slow as molasses at times. I haven't noticed any enhancements.

Ledgeview (De Pere)

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Same here. Just got the

Same here. Just got the update out in north charleston SC and everything is definitely slower than before. It's really bad and I'm so sick of it. Too bad they are the only game in town besides satellite.

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you want to update your

you want to update your cable box on your own? unplug and PLUG the 8300HD box and after the box displays "boot", you press and hold POWER and SELECT at the same time, LED would display "Fr.LA" for a very brief second, then very briefly "d633" then "r---" then start counting down with r in hex until r 000 then the LED will display "Proc", then "boot", then it would go completely dark. wait 1 to 2 minutes and the time would show up. if it doesn't and the box displays four dashes, that means that the box is not really working OR let's just say not authorized. call your cable company since you will get a message "Not Authorized" and show your cable company number.

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Former Comcast tech here...

Former Comcast tech here... depending on the update being pushed, if the download is interrupted, such as power-cycling the box, it can render the box inoperable. This is especially prevalent with SA equipment. A few years ago, we were doing a staging update on inventory from the head-end in the box room and there was a power interruption. 27 SA8300's turned into heavy paperweights. The solution was to send the boxes back to a contractor for SA to completely wipe the firmware and reinstall. We didn't have that equipment locally... it makes use of that port on the front.

Something of note, there is a status screen associated with this process if the box is connected to a TV through the RF output.

Also available is the SA box info pages... press and hold the 'select' button (normally located near the 4 CH/Vol controls) until the mail icon flashes on the display. Press the 'info' button. This brings up the info pages, the number of which varies according to the setup. Tells you info about the HDD's, QAM's, etc. Navigate through them with the 'Vol' buttons, change transparency by hitting the 'select' button, and exit with the 'Exit' button.

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omg my box is doing it right

omg my box is doing it right now at 3 in the morning. i thought it was possessed by demons and they were trying to scare me but now i think the governement is going to kill me and it'll blow up in a few mins. nothing like a countdown saying 'R.188....R.15D....ETC. ITS SOOOO WEIRD!!!! never happened before


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