Time Warner Samsung HD DVR live pause getting stuck?

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We have one of the newer Samsung-brand HD DVRs from Time Warner, and lately we've been seeing a recurring, and increasingly annoying, glitch in this particular model. It doesn't seem to happen on our other Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC model.

When we're watching live TV and we pause, if we don't resume play within a minute or two, resuming play becomes impossible. We can forward or rewind, but we still cannot play. The only thing that seems to work to get it unstuck is toggling the "last channel" button once and back. But if we aren't recording that program before we do that, the paused buffer is lost. We seem to be able to hit "record" before toggling last channel and it saves the buffer, but most times it doesn't get you back to the place you left off.

Is anyone else seeing this?

We initially liked the newer Samsung DVR because it seemed faster and the space is bigger, but this bug has been particularly annoying. This may have started occurring after a recent software update but I can't attest to that.

Posted June 14, 2010 9:27am in
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Yeah. I get this for what I'd


I get this for what I'd call on-the-spot recording (like if I want to pause live TV) as well as for broadcasts that I've pre-recorded. It tends to happen in the latter cases when I'm watching a long program and fast-forwarding or rewinding for extended periods of time.

The DVR model is a Samsung HDMI SM3-H3270 and I've all but decided to scrap my Time Warner contract because these glitches have completely ruined the World Cup for me.


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