Time Warner's Digital Phone -- first-hand impressions?

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I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment and am also about to drop my cell phone because of outrageous bills. As I have no way to do satellite, I'm going with Time Warner Cable for high-speed Internet (and probably cable). I'm thinking about getting their digital phone service but wanted to hear first-hand impressions from people who are actually using it.

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I have all three services

I have all three services and am very happy with them. I may be a little prejudiced, as I work for the company. The great thing about the phone is it is unlimited long distance calling. I would be happy to get you a great deal.

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I DO NOT have first hand

I DO NOT have first hand experience. However...My in-laws and two of our best friends each have Charter Phone service. Two people I work with also use Charter Phone in Wausau.

I have been looking into it as an inexpensive middle finger to the big Telco's. My in-laws have had it for a few months and have not noticed any change for the better or worse over AT&T.

One of my friends says the same. The other had a service outage when his power went out.

One of my co-workers has had a few problems, and it cost him money to add an additional box that is like a battery backup (IIRC) so they don't lose service when their power is interrupted (every couple of days out in rural Marathon County). The other co-worker dropped the service after numerous outages (again in a rural area up north).

I have been interested, but I am not convinced. We do not have power outages more than once every few years here, but I am still leary. In 15 years, my land line phone has gone out 2 times. Both times our house was hit by lightning.


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I don't have Time Warner's

I don't have Time Warner's offering but use Vonage over Roadrunner and love the fixed price and features that beat what Time Warner offers. I have had an issue placing calls using Vonage to the Sherwood/Stockbridge area but overall I have been happy with the service. I can receive calls from that area just fine. I would do anything to avoid having to get another traditional landline phone plan.

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Depending on what services

Depending on what services you have with Time Warner, our phone is sometimes about the same as Vonage. Let me know if you would like me to look into it for you.

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Thanks for the offer, but we

Thanks for the offer, but we just switched to DirecTV but will be keeping Time Warner for Internet service. I've made a LOT of changes lately so I need to slow some of them down to minimize a family rebellion.... ;-)


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