Time Warner's free "HD Showcase On Demand" -- am I missing something?

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I've been perusing a lot of On Demand stuff lately and I keep noticing promos for a free "HD Showcase On Demand" channel. Scouring the guide and their online listings, I see nothing about it.

Am I missing something or is there no such channel? Anyone know?

Posted March 30, 2008 1:33pm in
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I've wondered the same

I've wondered the same thing. I'll often see an ad for it, and think, "oh cool, I'd like that", but I can never find it. I guess even if we did have it, TWC's on demand interface sucks and I probably wouldn't use it. Their on demand is slow, hard to navigate, and looks like an 8 bit nintendo game. After living in Madison for two years with Charter's on demand, TWC's looks like a program from the 80's.

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the adds that run on the on

the adds that run on the on demand channels is run by corprate not by local time warner divisons. therefore the add that runs in a loop on ondeamnd channels is not put together by the wisconsin divison of twc. there are only 2-3 divisons in the counrty that have the channel. They are in the process of adding it on the lineup. hope this clarifies everything for you guys


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