TV Made Easy? Comment on the TWC channel change here

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The long-awaited change to Time Warner Cable's channel lineup is here. Have any comments, questions or complaints about the new setup? Post them here...

Posted October 8, 2009 7:05am in
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Have any of the new channels

Have any of the new channels shown up for anyone else yet?

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I give the overall

I give the overall realignment a D grade.
B For the new channel grouping.
D For no new channels, digital and HD.
F For the same inferior channel guide.
IMO, "TV Made Easy", is more sizzle than steak.
Come on TWC, join the 21st century!

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Totally agree with your

Totally agree with your assessment on all counts.

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Now if we could only pay for

Now if we could only pay for the channels we watch......

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Wishful thinking, but I'm

Wishful thinking, but I'm just not seeing that'll ever happen on any carrier.

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I'm with you on the À la

I'm with you on the À la carte, Icarus, but as Mark said, we'll never see that. Why? It makes sense, better for the customer, and people would like it.

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your bill would be higher if

your bill would be higher if you only wanted to pay for certin channels and not for the full 13 or 99 depending on your package. If you could say, i only want these 5 chns, they would cost A LOT becuase now the other 94 chns you dont have arnt getting as much air time, in which TWC agreements would cost more to have the 5 chns you want, which in cause would make your cable bill higher than its already high prices are. hope this helps

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I like the change. It'll

I like the change. It'll take a while to get used to the new channel numbers, but the transition was smooth and trouble-free here.

I like that the HD's are now grouped, like sports, etc. It was a nuisance before, the way they were scattered.

Captioning is in sync and picture quality is good.

I found changing my scheduled shows to the new channels was easy, and it even seems that it's a bit faster toggling from guide, to recordings, to shows, etc.

I hope it continues this way.


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